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    Malorie & Jason Monogram-Filled Southern Wedding

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    Simple, sweet, and Southern. How can you not love a wedding that is described by those words? Trust us, one look at Amy Nicole Photography's images of this beautiful day and you will be in awe of these two and their love. Malorie & Jason, coming together in a story with many sightings over a few years, having a sweet little girl (isn't she the most precious?!), and tying the knot at one of our absolute favorite Nashville venues. A day that was filled with nothing but love and joy with a few pretty little details thrown in for good measure. I wish every wedding in the world was lucky enough to have this much love and beauty surrounding it! Congrats you two!

    The Couple


    These two simply love to live life and live life well. They exude kindness and care for those in their life so deeply!

    Our Love Story

    Malorie & Jason are both from big families. Jason is the third of five and Malorie is the third of four so naturally they already had so much in common being from big families and being the third in line. Malorie & Jason went to high school together but they met because Jason and his brothers hung out with Malorie's brother. Jason was out of high school before they started dating. They ended up being at a birthday party her sister was hosting at her house where they initially reconnected and started hanging out there. Malorie said she always loved how Jason could make her laugh even when she didn't want to and how they became best friends from the beginning. Malorie & Jason had their sweet girl Channing after four years, and Jason proposed a few years later!

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