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Best of B&B New Orleans 2015: Wedding Venues

Best of B&B New Orleans 2015: Wedding Venues

We're beyond thrilled to let you in on some secrets we've been keeping for the past few weeks & finally announce the very best New Orleans wedding venues. The Big Easy is a city filled with romance & beautiful locations, and the venues here certainly know how to play all this up. As you can guess, choosing a wedding venue can be a difficult decision for any bride-to-be, so that's why we've called upon our local newlyweds, professionals, and wedding enthusiasts to shorten the list of must-see locations & name the very best in the NOLA wedding scene.

Whether you're looking to embrace all good things about Southern weddings with an elaborate plantation affair or are looking for an off-beat space that's just as unique as the Crescent City or something in between, you can find out right now which venues have been named the best of the best!

Best All-Around New Orleans Wedding Venue

First Place: Southern Oaks Plantation

Southern Oaks Plantation has been a staple in the NOLA wedding circuit for 28 years, and during this time, it has become the choice destination for brides across the city. Nestled on three acres right off Lake Pontchartrain, this location offers neatly manicured lawns & shrubbery surrounding the stately home. Of course, we were hardly surprised when locals flocked to the polls and titled it the "Best All-Around New Orleans Wedding Venue" - and they're not the only ones who think so. Southern Oaks Plantation has garnered a host of accolades over the years, & owners Bobby & Sue Asaro are continually seeking to make their venue better than before. From the looks of it, we think they are doing a stellar job. After all, pictures do not lie, and these gorgeous photos will show you why locals deem Southern Oaks Plantation the best around!

Runner-Up: Audubon Tea Room

Like we mentioned before, New Orleans hosts a ton of renowned wedding venues around the city, and the Audubon Tea Room is just another one to add to the list of the best. Not only is is situated directly in one of the South's best-known zoos, but beneath its oak trees lies one of the locals' favorite spots to tie the knot. With beauty and elegance flooding every corner of this property, we think it's going to remain one of the top spots around the Big Easy for years to come.

Honorable Mention: City Park Pavilion of the Two Sisters & Latrobe’s on Royal

Most Romantic Wedding Venue

First Place: Southern Oaks Plantation

This one really isn't that surprising, is it? After all, we've been saying Southern Oaks has to be one of the most romantic venues in NOLA, & now we have the proof to back it up! This antebellum property boasts expansive gardens that are covered in romance and towering oak trees, & have you ever seen this location lit up at night? The romance of it all simply shoots off the charts!

Runner-Up: Race and Religious

New Orleans is brimming with romance all over, & you're sure to get a potent dose of it at Race and Religious. Its cozy vibe gives off an intimate feel whether you're celebrating with 50 of your closest family & friends or 300. Add in an eclectic blend of rustic masonry & decorations depicting the city's rich history, and we can see why couples can't wait for the chance to tie the knot here.

Honorable Mention: City Park Pavilion of the Two Sisters

Most Unique Wedding Venue

First Place: Race and Religious

Just one look around Race and Religious & you'll instantly see why locals are completely smitten with it. What started as a collection of deteriorating antebellum buildings lining the streets where this location gets its name has turned into one of the city's most unique locations to say "I do." After 30 years of a little TLC from NOLA resident Granville Semmes, Race and Religious has become an ode to the Crescent City's past, and serves as a great reminder of its unique culture.

Runner-Up: Mardi Gras World

When a venue is dedicated to NOLA's most notorious parade, you know it's going to be like none other. So when we heard Mardi Gras World was in the running for one of the city's most unique venues, we immediately knew it would be rewarded with a spot on the list because there really is no place like this anywhere else in the country! Not only is it a fun-filled location that marches to the beat of its own drum, but as one of the city's top tourist destinations, it's sure to impress your guests as they take it all in.

Honorable Mention: Audubon Zoo

Venues with the Best Views

First Place: Riverview Room

When locals want to head out and take in the stunning views of the city, everyone knows the best place to do so is on the fourth floor of the Jackson Brewery in the Riverview Room. In our opinion, there's nothing more perfect than the gorgeous sights over the Mississippi River & the French Quarter, and that's exactly what you'll find here. Your guests will instantly fall in love with New Orleans after soaking up all the eye candy found here. If you haven't yet gotten to see the views for yourself, we'll let you take in these images & see what you've been missing!

Runner-Up: It's a tie! Congrats to Pat O'Briens & Galvez Restaurant!

Pat O'Brien's

Most people might recognize this name from bringing the Hurricane to bar menus across the US, but its NOLA event space is also home to some of the locals' favorite sights. Situated in the heart of the French Quarter, it's one of the best spots to watch the city come to life and let your guests get a glimpse of all the sights & sounds the Big Easy has to offer.

Galvez Restaurant

With 360-degree views that include sights of the Mississippi River, the lower French Quarter, & Dutch Alley, it's easy to see why it's been hailed as one of the best locations to take in the city. This spot certainly gives Pat O'Brien's and the Riverview Room some stiff competition with the gorgeous views from each of its dining rooms. It's no wonder locals & tourists alike jump at the opportunity to throw a bash here!

Honorable Mention: Westin Canal Place

Best Venue for Intimate Weddings (Fewer Than 50 Guests)

First Place: Antoine's Restaurant

One glimpse at the photos below and you'll instantly understand why Antoine's Restaurant has been hailed the "Best Venue for Intimate Weddings." Even though it has 14 (!!) unique spaces housed under one roof, don't let the sheer magnitude of the building let you think otherwise - this spot is perfect for a small gathering of your nearest & dearest in attendance, and even has rooms designed to accommodate as few as two guests. With each room carrying a one-of-a-kind look & feel, it's guaranteed to fit any bride-to-be's vision and theme!

Runner-Up: Arnaud’s Restaurant

Arnaud's Restaurant is no stranger to earning recognition for its fare from the likes of the Huffington Post and Forbes Travel Guide (after all, it has been around since 1918!!), but now we're adding a new notch in their belt of awards as one of the top locations around the Big Easy for an intimate wedding. Each of its 17 rooms offer an ornately decorated space, with gold details & chandeliers lining the ceiling, to create a stunning setting that is to die for. Couples & their guests are sure to experience the best of Southern hospitality in a location that's unforgettable!

Honorable Mention: Audubon Clubhouse

Best Venue for Grand Weddings (More Than 50 Guests)

First Place: Audubon Tea Room

Taking the title for "Best Venue for Grand Weddings" is who else but the Audubon Tea Room! Its prime location makes it easily accessible for couples & all of their party-goers and the expansive ballroom means no one has to be left has to be left off the guest list. As one of the four spots available by the Audubon Nature Institute, the Tea Room is its most popular venue for couples set to celebrate into the night with the ultimate party. With its lofty dome ceiling towering over & gardens awaiting outside of the double doors, this spot is perfect in more ways than one!

Runner-Up: Southern Oaks Plantation

Southern Oaks Plantation one of NOLA's most recognizable names & the weddings here are seriously gorgeous! The sprawling gardens & towering mansion make sure every fête it hosts is topped with Southern elegance, and the accommodating staff is equally fabulous. Southern Oaks Plantation is known for consistently surpassing all expectations, which is why it constantly ranks as one of the city's top destinations.

Honorable Mention: City Park Pavilion of the Two Sisters

Best Ballroom Wedding Venue

First Place: Audubon Tea Room

We knew the New Orleans wedding scene was completely smitten with Audubon Tea Room, but we didn't know just how much until the results were tallied. Earning its third recognition in our "Best of B&B New Orleans 2014" competition, it's clear how many newlyweds, vendors, and wedding junkies love this space, & for good reason. This space is truly magical, which is why we are thrilled to crown it the city's "Best Ballroom Wedding Venue." Its unassuming elegance and beauty is unparalleled, & all this combined makes it truly a treat for all to enjoy. This location is certainly worthy of all the hype, and we guarantee it will not disappoint!

Runner-Up: Windsor Court Hotel

Windsor Court Hotel is a Four Diamond hotel just a short walk from the ever-popular French Quarter, but that's not the only reason it's a time-honored favorite. Its elegant ballroom is what keeps couples continually lining up for the chance to host their nuptials at this gorgeous destination, and oh how it impresses! Suggestion: if you haven't taken a peek at all of its gorgeousness, you're going to want to... ASAP!

Honorable Mention: Federal Ballroom New Orleans

Best Hotel/Inn/Resort Wedding Venue

First Place: The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans

The Ritz Carlton is synonymous with high-end sophistication & elegance, and it certainly excels in this category! Known for hosting some of the city's most glamorous parties, this location continues to impress with top-notch dining and dreamy accommodations, so world-class luxury is never too far away. Even better, your guests can enjoy it all too as they join you for an unforgettable weekend in the city.

Runner-Up: The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Much like the Ritz, the Waldorf Astoria brand is one that resonates prestige and high-class amenities, & its NOLA location, the Roosevelt Hotel, lives up to all those expectations and more. Its timeless decor and classic elegance always impresses and sets the perfect stage for some of the city's most stunning weddings. If you want to celebrate at one of the city's most revered locations that has had the pleasure of hosting Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and many other famous names, this is the spot to be!

Honorable Mention: Bourbon Orleans Hotel

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"Best of Borrowed & Blue New Orleans Weddings 2015" is a competition to reward the very best in the local wedding industry from the past year. Award recipients are determined based exclusively on a community survey that was sent to local wedding venues, vendors, brides & grooms, wedding junkies, and their fans and followers. Voting was open from 8am, November 18, 2014, until midnight on December 15, 2014, and thousands of votes were received and recorded. Results are based solely on vote totals and have no correlation to any advertising relationships that may or may not exist between Borrowed & Blue and award recipients. Borrowed & Blue carefully monitored voting to ensure only one vote was recorded per computer (IP address), and all voters were required to register their basic information with the Company.

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