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    Alexis & Caleb Simple & Sweet Outdoor Wedding in New Orleans

    October 5, 2013 at Private Residence

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    Well, Dark Roux Photography, you have us speechless! We are thrilled to have this stunning Bayou wedding before our eyes. Fall in Louisiana never looked so good - gorgeous oaks as tall as the sky with ceremony seating right on the waterfront. Sign. Us. Up! We are reeling over all the Hydrangeas used, especially atop the wedding cake. This cake has a simple elegance about it, with an almost textured appearance and the quaint use of twine wrapped around it, which we just love. Oh, and we're glad to see that our sweet couple stayed dry on their farewell exit with fun umbrellas! Rain or shine, this couple had an extraordinary day, and we're so glad they shared it with us!

    From the photographer....

    Alexis wanted to get married at the same private residence where her mother was wed. It's a beautiful home on gorgeous property perched on the Louisiana Bayou. All the plans were made, the invitations were sent, and the vendors were booked: they were ready to go! It seemed as if everything was going as planned until the wedding was threatened by a hurricane. There was no option to postpone the wedding due to weather because Alexis and her soon-to-be husband Caleb were moving to California days after the wedding. The back up plan for the event was to move it (last minute) to the hometown auditorium, certainly not as beautiful as the bayou under giant oaks. After many stressful prayer-filled days, it looked like the hurricane was going to barely miss us, and Alexis would get to have her Big Day under the oaks!

    Wedding Venue Private Residence
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