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    Erica & Adam Glamorous Country Club Affair

    August 31, 2013 at Rhode Island Country Club
    Photo: Oggi Photo

    Wedding Details

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    This Newport beauty from Oggi Photo is all of the things that we love: elegance, romance, the beach, and just the slightest bit of prep. Add in the fact that Erica is just about as lovely as they come, and this summer wedding in Barrington is a complete show-stopper through and through. And then there is this engagement story. Ladies & gentleman, you don't want to miss how precious this tale is. Did we mention the fireworks? Not just between these two lovebirds, but high in the sky to cap off this perfect evening. So settle in m'dears, we think you may want to stay awhile with this one….

    The Couple


    Adam is a lawyer.


    Erica is an event planner.

    Our Love Story

    One month after Adam and Erica met, they spent the weekend in Erica's hometown. After visiting some local farms they picked up a bottle of wine and watched the sun set. Empty bottle in hand, Adam tore a piece of the brown paper bag that the wine had been wrapped in and tucked it safely inside the bottle. He promised Erica that one day they would come back to unearth the bottle and read the note. One year later they returned to the site of the buried bottle for a picnic. They retrieved the bottle and read the note - it was a wedding proposal! Adam had know from the moment he met her that she was the only one for him proven with the note in the bottle that was written five weeks after they met.

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