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5 Ways Orange County Wedding Planners Can Save You Money

5 Ways Orange County Wedding Planners Can Save You Money

Whether you envision an intimate waterfront gathering or a large vibrant soirée, planning a wedding in Orange County is a large undertaking. The reasons to hire a wedding planner are as abundant as the details he or she will help you manage! But did you know a good planner can also help you save money on your wedding in Orange County? It might seem counterintuitive that hiring yet another vendor for your big day can help you save a few bucks, but it is true!

When budgets are tight, many couples mistakenly think that an event planner is an expense they cannot afford. Eager to spend their money wisely, they think a planner is a luxury that only “the 1%” splurge on. The truth is, wedding planners and their services are as varied as the types of weddings they work with. And it’s not just time (and sanity!) they’ll help you save.

“It’s important for brides and grooms to know that the money they are going to spend on hiring a planner is actually the best money they will spend,” says Orange County wedding planner Wayne Gurnick of Moments by Wayne.

Wondering how Orange County wedding planner can help save you money? We're here to point out why hiring a wedding planner for your big day might be one of the best decisions you make!

    1 – Your Wedding Planner Can Advise You on Your Vendor Contracts

    When contracting most of your wedding vendors, there are lots of options for you and your fiancé to consider. Which options out there are right for your event and your wedding budget? If this is your first time planning a wedding - & even if it isn't - you might not have a good answer for that. Not understanding these details can result in paying for services that are more than you need for your special event.

    "An example is bar service," says Gurnick "There are many ways this can be contracted for. What is right for your event and your guests (and your budget)?"

    Gurnick continues, "Let’s say you’ve chosen an open bar with service charged per guest for a set amount of time. Your hotel has offered you a contract for a 4-hour bar, but your reception will be 5-6 hours total. You can usually negotiate an extra hour of full service, and then, when the event is winding down and many guests are leaving, a final hour of per-consumption service. You’ll save money paying for only what your remaining guests consume as the party winds down. This is the kind of great tip you'll get from a professional planning your wedding."

    2 – Your Wedding Planner Can Help You Negotiate Prices with Vendors

    “A really good wedding planner has resources in all different areas – from flowers to photography,” says Gurnick. “Vendors that they work with all the time are usually very willing to negotiate prices.”

    Your planner will also know individual vendors, and their styles and how much their services usually are. So if you are looking for lovely but minimal flowers, he or she can steer you toward a florist who specializes in simple-but-elegant instead of grand, lush designs.

    3 – Your Wedding Planner Will Save You Time, Which Equals Money

    Time is truly one of our most precious resources, particularly when your balancing your normal responsibilities on top of planning your dream day. And you need lots and lots of time to properly research your Orange County wedding vendors for the best match.

    “Most planners have huge resource files,” says Gurnick. “So a good planner can save you time – and time is money.”

    Orange County has an abundant choice of vendors. Think of the time you’d spend online sifting through lists of DJs or bands, interviewing caterers, and looking at florist portfolios. It can get overwhelming very quickly. A wedding planner will do this work for you (or has already done it!) and can draw on vast resources to help you narrow down your lists so you interview the right vendors for you.

    4 – Your Orange County Wedding Planner Can Help You Book Hotel Room Blocks

    Hotel accommodations are an oft-overlooked detail of planning your Orange County wedding. Have you chosen a scenic vacation site or are you coming in from out of town? Or will much of your wedding party and family be traveling in? Getting a good deal on your hotel rooms will affect more than just your own budget.

    “Your planner can negotiate with the sales departments of many hotels to obtain preferred rates for you and your guests,” says Gurnick.

    5 – Your Wedding Planner Can Help You Stick to Your Budget

    As you plan your Orange County wedding, temptations will arise with opportunities to splurge lots of money. Even the strongest-willed DIY bride and groom can get caught up with all the grand, lavish wedding options out there. With lots of little temptations, they can quickly add up to big budget problems.

    Your professional wedding planner will help you stay focused on the whole event and your wedding budget, with straight practical advice (and even a little tough love when needed) to keep you on track.

    There is a reason your wedding planner is a professional: he or she has the experience to help you prioritize (and get creative) as money gets tight. If having an artistic photographer is very important to you, can you simplify your floral centerpieces to make room in your budget? If you have a large wedding party and a scenic venue, can you substitute a single bloom for bridesmaid bouquets – to free up money for an extra hour of music by your DJ? In short, the answer to all these questions is "yes!", but sometimes you need someone who knows the ropes to help you make it happen!

    No matter the size of your event, you’ll often find a professional wedding planner is an essential resource and a trusted advisor. A good planner can help you save both time and money – and truly bring your wedding vision to life.

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