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    Orlando Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

    Out-of-town wedding guests can sometimes feel a bit disoriented upon finding themselves in a new city, but welcome baskets are a great way to make them feel right at home upon arriving in Orlando. Plus, friends and family will be so thankful for your thoughtfulness! Let's face it — who doesn't love presents? So get creative with your basket stuffers. Include the essentials, but don't be afraid to venture outside the box — uh, we mean, the bag... or basket!


      • Itinerary — Traveling guests may forget to pack their invitation, so include an itinerary for all nuptial-related events. List the times and locations for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, after party, and any other wedding festivities.

      • Maps, Guides, and Brochures — Guests from out of town rarely know the area. Tempt them away from spending all day in the hotel by providing a map of the Orlando area, tour guides, and brochures for popular outings, like Disney World, Universal Studios, and the World of Chocolate Museum. This is Orlando tourism at its finest!

      • Nearby Eateries — Add a list of local restaurants, too. We recommend deep blu seafood grille, Raglan Road for upscale, authentic Irish classics, and Souplantation for fresh soups and salads.

      • Hangover Kit — Your guests will be tickled when they see this wedding staple upon entering their hotel room... and grateful when they see it upon waking up the morning after. We love this simple design. Don't forget to add bandaids for blisters, antacid tablets, and — of course — a few aspirin.

      Sweet Treats and Other Orlando Goodies

      Satisfy a sweet tooth with snacks that pay homage to Orlando. Don't forget to include beverages!

      • Key Lime Cookies — Sure, Orlando isn't exactly minutes away from the Florida Keys, but it's close enough to include this state favorite!

      • Chocolate FrogsThe Wizarding World of Harry Potter lies mere miles away. Guests will rave about this playful addition. Accio, chocolate!

      • Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans — Want to add that Harry Potter touch sans chocolate? Include a box of these! Younger guests will have a ball trying unique flavors like candyfloss, marshmallow, and even grass.

      • Citrus — No one can resist a fresh Florida orange! Florida is the second-largest grower of oranges in the world and is the largest global grapefruit market. Toss in a few of these juicy fruits or include citrus-flavored tummies and candies.

      • Water — There's positively nothing that beats a cool drink of water after coming in from the hot Orlando sunshine. And, to quote a famous Disney crab, "Life is the bubbles!" so feel free to include sparkling grapefruit Perrier.

      Weather Prep

      Summer breeze makes me feel fine — but that rain dampens my day, in addition to the marvelous up-do I'm rocking. Orlando natives boast that their city experiences only two seasons: a cool, dry winter and a hot, wet summer. Keep your out-of-towners prepped for any weather with these indispensable weather essentials.

      • Umbrella — An umbrella is a must for an Orlando wedding, especially during the summer season (May-September) when it monsoons for at least a half hour everyday. Find umbrellas in your wedding colors to add an extra pop of color to the basket.

      • Sunscreen — Florida sunshine is relentless, so sunscreen comes in handy regardless of the season. Aim for a broad spectrum SPF between 30 and 55. You may also want to include aloe, in case the sunscreen doesn't get put to use.

      • Oil Absorbing Sheets — Humidity can kill makeup you've spent the past hour perfecting. Your female guests will adore these, and the tiny packaging of Clean and Clear makes them easy for transporting to the wedding.

      • Sunglasses — While Orlando sees an occasional cloudy day, blaring sunshine is most typical. Buy glasses in bulk in a personalized design that can serve as pre-ceremony wedding favors.

      The Orlando Touch

      You've covered all the bases, so now it's time to add that special Orlando touch. After all, you've selected a magical city as the site of your happily ever after. Celebrate that magic with a few favors specific to this sunshine city.

      • Thank You Card — A thank you card is an absolute must for every welcome basket. Pen a short thank you in appreciation of your guests' willingness to travel and help you celebrate your nuptials. Add a personal touch by selecting cards that celebrate your marriage in addition to Orlando. Love Disney? Try these adorable Up-inspired thank you notes; they're romantic and so fun, plus they highlight Orlando's connection to the Walt Disney Company. Your wedding day is sure to be an adventure, and each guest plays a part in making that adventure memorable.

      • Customized Sticker — We simply can't get enough of these adorably stylish stickers. There's no better way to personalize your welcome than with the Orlando skyline. You can even mix and match your colors and choose from a plethora of sticker shapes.

      Do It Up Right

      Don't forget to pick the perfect basket for all your welcome goodies! Remember, it doesn't have to be a basket. Get creative by using totes, drawstring backpacks, coolers, etc. Select something that complements your wedding theme. if you're celebrating under breezy Sperry tents, try a canvas nautical-inspired tote. Traditionalists can stick with elegant woven baskets tied up with ribbon in your wedding colors.

      For something more Orlando-specific, play around with fruit-picking baskets, just like the type Floridians use to pick oranges. We also love the idea of popping all your beach-y goodies and thirst quenchers into a cooler.

      Tips and Tidbits

      Out-of-town guests feel a rush of gratitude upon seeing that special basket sitting in their hotel room. They'll appreciate all the dedication and time you've put into welcoming them to your celebration. Here's a few last-minute tips on putting together the perfect welcome basket.

      • To minimize cost, provide one basket per family/hotel room.

      • Have fun finding basket stuffers — include the necessities, but don't be afraid to add a special flair. Guests will love seeing the bride and groom putting their own twist on a classic wedding staple.

      • Keep costs to a minimum by selecting one unique "big gift" that doesn't exceed $10.

      • Don't stress over completing your baskets. Put together one sample basket, then enlist bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family members to help. An assembly line takes half the time!

      May the Orlando sunshine follow you as you continue toward your special day.

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