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    Why get married in Phoenix

    Valley of the Sun

    As a part of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix boasts over 330 days of sunshine with very little rainfall. While its long summers are often intensely hot, its mild winters make for beautiful weather and, thanks to its subtropical desert climate, diverse flora and vivid natural beauty.

    A Big, Roomy City

    Phoenix might be the sixth most populous city in the US, but you would never know by being here. This Arizona hotspot offers a rare compromise in urban living: all of the perks of a big city, but with enough elbow room to spread out thanks to its low population density.

    Land of the Lovebirds

    Although typically found as birdcage pets, Phoenix is home to the only thriving wild population of rosy-faced lovebirds in the nation. What better place to form a lasting union than in the home of birds who mate for life?

    Where Art Looms Tall

    As seen in Janet Echelman’s iconic 100-foot tall sculpture standing in the heart of downtown, Her Secret is Patience, Phoenix appreciates visual art. Illuminating the patterns of desert wind, the work serves as a visual marker of the city and points to the city’s highly aesthetic cultural scene.

    Top Spot for Tourists

    Phoenix is a huge destination for leisure travelers who come in droves for the great golf, dry climes, and varied activities. Lucky for you, this means the city has your wedding accommodations covered with over 500 hotels and 40 top-notch resorts.


    Phoenix has a hot desert climate with long, extremely hot summers, short winters, and moderate humidity. Rain is rare.


    Spring is full of warm days, with daily highs in the 80s. Evenings cool down to the 50s.


    Summers are blistering, with temperatures consistently above 100. June 15 marks the beginning of monsoon season.


    Falls are temperate and dry, with temperatures in the upper 90s to upper 70s.


    Winters are short and mild in Phoenix, with daily highs in the 60s.

    Most popular wedding styles in Phoenix

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    Plan Your Phoenix Wedding

    Your Wedding Ceremony

    Don’t leave your ceremony planning to the last minute. Set aside ample time to meet with Phoenix wedding officiants and find one that you and your partner really connect with. You should also make time to sit down with local ceremony musicians and determine the processional music for your walk down the aisle. We promise that all of the time you put into planning your ceremony will be totally worth it.

    Officiants and Ceremony Musicians

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    Your Wedding Reception

    With Phoenix as your backdrop, your wedding reception is sure to be stunning. Add some of the most creative Phoenix florists, the best local caterers, and the liveliest bands, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate wedding. Now it’s time to start planning the reception of your dreams.

    Phoenix Reception Vendors

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    Your Rehearsal Dinner

    Begin your wedding weekend with a spectacular rehearsal dinner. Phoenix is famous for its amazing Mexican cuisine, so opt for a venue that really showcases the flavor of the city. Check out some of the city’s best rehearsal dinner venues and get ready for a delicious wedding eve.

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    Your Farewell Brunch

    The send-off shouldn’t be the end of the fun. Consider a day-after brunch and sneak in a few final toasts before your guests head back home. Phoenix is home to some fabulous brunch spots so pick one of your favorites and raise your mimosa glass.

    Trust Us: Wake Up, Eat Here

    Wedding Welcome Bag

    Make a great first impression for your out-of-town guests with a thoughtful wedding welcome bag. Add in some Phoenix-inspired goodies, as well as your wedding itinerary, a map of the city, and any fun activities for your guests to enjoy between wedding festivities. Check out some of our favorite ideas for the ultimate Phoenix wedding welcome bag for the best way to show your guests just how thankful you are to have them share in your special day.

    Wedding Favors

    Thank your guests with a locally inspired wedding favor. Look to the city’s unique personality to offer local goodies or other gifts with Valley of the Sun flair. Check out some of our favorite Phoenix wedding favor ideas for a little creative inspiration.

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    Guest Activities

    Your guests will have plenty to do in the Valley of the Sun between wedding festivities. Make a few suggestions so that your guests can take advantage of the everything this city has to offer. Consider some of TripAdvisor’s suggestions for the top thirty things to do in Phoenix.

    Places to Visit

    Restaurant Recommendations

    Restaurants in the Valley of the Sun have been beckoning foodies to come explore from across the nation. While Phoenix boasts cuisines from all over the world, the city is widely renowned for its authentic Mexican flavor. Be sure to take advantage of some of the great local eateries while you’re in the area, and check out TripAdvisor’s list of the top Phoenix restaurants for some of the best.

    Accommodations Recommendations

    With more than five hundred hotels and forty resorts, this city is built to accommodate visitors. Rest assured that your out-of-town guests will be well taken care of during their trip to Phoenix. Check out some of the top accommodations in the area and suggest a few to your guests in a range of different styles and price points.

    Your Engagement Session

    Taking your engagement photos in Phoenix? Take advantage of this city’s natural beauty! From rivers to mountains to the gorgeous desert landscape, you’d be hard pressed to find a backdrop more stunning than the Valley of the Sun. As you decide on the best spots for you and your partner to snap a few photos, check out our list of some of the best Phoenix engagement shoot locations.

    The Bachelorette Party

    Planning a weekend with your girls in Phoenix? Rest assured that there is no lack of bachelorette party ideas in this city. From shopping to day spas to outdoor activities galore, you and your girls will have the time of your life celebrating your final days of singledom in the Valley of the Sun. Before you set out for your own bachelorette weekend, check out our favorite Phoenix bachelorette party ideas for some ideas.

    The Bachelor Party

    Phoenix offers one of the best sites for your bachelor party. From amazing golfing to unique beer tasting to lively nightlife, Phoenix bachelor parties come in nearly any form. Grab the guys and head to the Valley of the Sun for a night to remember — but not before checking out some of our favorite Phoenix bachelor party ideas first.

    Major Annual Events to Consider

    The good news is that you’ve chosen a vibrant, scenic, and seriously fun location to gather your nearest and dearest on your big day. Congrats! The bad news? Your wedding location is so awesome that it draws a crowd for reasons other than your nuptials all year long. When selecting your wedding date, be sure you know what other activities are happening in the area that might put a cramp in your party’s style. We’ve gone ahead and done the legwork for you, so check out the annual calendar of major Phoenix events and add them to your radar.

    Local Online Resources

    Check out some other useful local online resources to get you acquainted with all-things Phoenix, from travel guides to the local restaurant scene to great local wedding blogs run by our friends in the industry:

    Tips from local pros

    Choosing Your Phoenix Wedding Vendors

    With our comprehensive list of local wedding pros, we're here to help you put together an all-star team to bring your vision to life.