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    Alison & Julian Captivating Classic Celebration in Pittsburg

    Photo: Palermo Photo

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    We added Pittsburgh to our ever-growing list of markets just a few weeks ago, but in that short time, this city and its talented vendors have completely captivated us. Why exactly? The weddings that hail from this Pennsylvania town are just so gorgeous! This beauty by Palermo Photo is a perfect example. After a whirlwind romance, Alison & Julian knew that they wanted a wedding day that would tell their story and let their personalities shine. To make their day happen, they opted for the picturesque Pittsburgh's Grand Hall at The Priory as their backdrop and went on from there to create a day filled with glamorous details and so much emotion! They exchanged their vows in a ceremony packed with their nearest and dearest, and then headed out on the town with their girls and guys for some fabulous portraits. And later, they rejoined their guests for a night of celebration that they'll never forget. If you're a lover of pretty details, m'dear, get ready to be wowed by this one!

    From the photographer...

    Alison and Julian's love story is a series of TRULY romantic events. From a "love at first sight" blind date to a sweeping Golden Gate bridge proposal, culminating in their fairy tale wedding, these two have something unparalleled and we are excited to share their day with you!

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