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Honeymoon Shoot with Portland Wedding Photographer Kim Smith-Miller

Oh, goodness. Oh, goodness. Oh, goodness!! Portland brides, this is one of those shoots where I have so much to say, and yet I'm absolutely at a loss of words. And let me tell you folks, that doesn't happen often. Having never received a honeymoon shoot before, this little gem is right up our alley. It has all the breathtaking visuals we could ever want with waterfalls, beautiful nature trails filled with rich greenery, and a charming little cabin tucked away in the woods. Kim Smith-Miller, went above and beyond with this one, y'all, so we're thrilled to share Karen and Josh's honeymoon adventure with you!

In case you didn't know, Kim Smith-Miller has the tendency to blow us away with incredible photos, but this is taking it to a whole new level. Kim, one of our favorite Portland wedding photographers, didn't shoot a couple of photos and call it a day; instead, she invested in this couple and really got to know them, and it shines through in each and every one of these images. They're full of joy, happiness, and a sweet romance that you just can't fake. We simply can't get enough! Y'all, get ready, because this honeymoon shoot is about to leave you in awe; I just know it. Enjoy!!

So yeah, basically what we're trying to say is: do a honeymoon shoot! After all the stress has melted away, these photos are just for the two of you! I think these images speak for themselves. And you should probably do said shoot with Kim Smith-Miller.... just a tip.

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