Jenna Jordan Design in Raleigh-Durham

    Hello! My name is Jenna Jordan, and I am a believer and wife living in Greensboro, North Carolina. Before I became Mrs. Jordan, my full name was Jenna Leigh Moore. "Jenna Leigh" is not to be mistaken for "General Leigh," which my grandfather thought my parents had named me when they called him from the hospital when I was born. Much to his relief that was not the case, yet somehow I still grew up being called "The General." I'm not sure if it was his nickname or a severe case of the first-born child syndrome, but I have always been a leader. I am a person who takes charge and works at any task before me with my whole heart. As I've grown as a leader however, my eyes have been opened to the realization that I am also a follower. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I follow Him as my Father and my Savior, and He has blessed me with true joy and passion in this life.

    One of the biggest passions and gifts He's blessed me with is that of design. I believe in the power of design and visual art to communicate, excite and ignite change, and it's this belief that led me to create Jenna Jordan Design. It is my hope that through creating I will be able to serve others, inspire others and point to something greater. Ultimately, I hope that anything I create will point to the beauty, love and glory of our Creator.

    One of my absolute favorite things to design is wedding stationery. I can't deny it friends...I simply swoon over a good love story. I am always so encouraged by God's sovereignty and faithfulness in uniting people and weaving two lives into one. I thoroughly enjoy the process of getting to know couples and hearing their stories. It is then my goal to tell their story through each unique design piece. Everything I create is completely custom, and I work closely with brides to bring their ideas and visions to life. The process is never complete until the bride and groom both truly love each piece created for their wedding.

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