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Introducing: iDo, an Interactive Wedding Album for iPad

We at Borrowed & Blue couldn't be more excited to share with our brides planning their Richmond weddings one of the coolest things to hit the wedding scene in a long time, and originating right in our town! iDo is an interactive wedding album designed to work seamlessly with iPads and was created by acclaimed Richmond wedding cinematographer Keith Reagan and his partner, Richmond wedding photographer Rutsen Eagle.

Keith & Rutsen both visited the Borrowed & Blue offices last month to show us their product in person, and I am not exaggerating when I say I've literally never seen anything like it. The flawless way the video is integrated with the iPad really is a marvel, and the mix of both short snippets of video along with the photos captured by Rutsen is incredible. The duo try their best to have the iPad mini ready to hand to their clients when they return from their honeymoon, and honestly, can you imagine a better homecoming?! This is truly something to be cherished forever.

Oh, and by the way: yes, the newlyweds do receive their very own iPad mini with Retina display along with their album. As if this whole thing wasn't cool enough, already?!!

In the video below, check out Ashleigh as she sees her iDo album for the first time (and get a tissue):

    A little Q&A with Keith...

    How did you & Rutsen team up?

    Rutsen and I first met at Ashleigh & Carter's wedding. It feels like we have known each other forever, but that was our first gig together. The mother of the bride, Robin, kept telling me, "You are really gonna like Rutsen." She was telling him the same thing about me.

    At that first wedding, people thought that we were with the same company, on the same team, and that we had worked together for years. It just clicked.

    With other photographers, so many of them don't pay attention to me and step in front of my shot. I have a lot of film of the backs of photographers' heads. That has never happened with Rutsen. He knows that the brides have hired me to create quality cinematography. When I film with Rutsen, we help each other. And the real winners are the bride and groom and their families.

    How did you come up with the idea of the iDo wedding album?

    Putting photography & cinematography together on an iPad in a digital wedding album seemed so logical; we can't figure out why we haven't seen it everywhere by now. It is the perfect way to view your wedding.

    I have always liked Rutsen's photographs. They look like scenes from movies. And clearly, I am trying to create the cinema look with my film - not the videotape look - so our work really looks good together.

    The idea was Rutsen's, but I customized the software. And we came up with the name together. We wanted a name for it - we didn't want to keep calling it an "interactive wedding album" or a "digital wedding album" that we used originally. We had just finished a shoot together one day and were brainstorming. He said, "It needs to be one word." I said, "It needs to have a small i in the beginning, like iTunes, or iPad." Then he just blurted out, "iDo!"

    What has the response from brides been like?

    Generally, by the time a couple is back from their honeymoon, it is done. Everyone absolutely loves iDo. People freak out about it. Each bride receives a new iPad mini. We have selected that product because of the unbelievable retina screen and the portability. It is easy for brides to sit down with their friends and relatives after the wedding and hand the iPad around. We provide the iPad because we want to make sure there are no mistakes with the loading and playback. We make sure it is flawless before delivery.

    THE DUO is working directly with Apple & now offer the digital album on iBooks as well, so friends & family can purchase & download the album on their own iPads if they'd like. How awesome is that?!

    Obviously, we're pretty excited about this new product. To find out all the details, click here!

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