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    Kristin & Blayne Rustic Barn Wedding at Fairview Farm

    April 12, 2014 at Fairview Farm Events

    Wedding Details

    Setting Farms & Barns
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    Today's lovely comes to us from a brand new wedding venue in the heart of Virginia. Fairview Farm Events, nestled in the rolling hills of the small town of Powhatan, has a beautiful barn that Kristin & Blayne fell in love with and needed for their East Coast destination celebration. We think that Krista Marie's Photography captured the loveliness of it all. Complete with tons of rustic beauty and a whole lot of Southern charm, this day was special in so many ways. This wedding allowed all of their family and friends to be a part of their special day before the newlyweds had to head off and serve our country. Congrats you two!

    From the wedding venue...

    Kristin & Blayne are special for many reasons. They are extremely family oriented and were also the first official couple to wed at our new wedding venue in the heart of Virginia. We were honored to host their family occasion and we are so proud of them. They are both in the Coast Guard, and were deployed a few days after their wedding.

    Kristin's mother Kim, visited our property in December and with just her iPhone and friends, she toured the property with Kristin on the phone. Thanks to modern technology and Kristin's trust in her mother, they choose Fairview Farm for their wedding destination in the rolling farmlands of Powhatan, Virginia.

    In less than five months, they were able to plan their dream wedding. Fairview Farm was able to provide the family with a stress free weekend family gathering for what turned out to be an amazing wedding and the weather was perfect! The groom's family was from Wyoming and were able to rent our property an extra night so the family had more time be together.

    The Couple


    Blayne is originally from Wyoming and is in the Coast Guard.


    Kristin grew up in the Richmond area and is also in the Coast Guard.


    Kristin & Blayne are a beautiful couple inside and out and have core family values which make them so special. Kristin is so close to her family. Her grandfather is pictured in the album with Kristin sharing a kiss.


    Kristin & Blayne are all about family and they hung pictures of those "looking" who have passed on from the maple tree. They wanted to have them there so everyone could remember them.

    What's Next

    After a brief few days as husband and wife, both were deployed to serve their country.

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