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    Megan & Patrick Whimsical Romance in Roanoke

    July 12, 2015 at Sorella Farms

    Wedding Details

    Setting Farms & Barns
    2 Loves

    Why This Wedding Won an Oscar

    The Nominees for Best Performance

    • Can we all stop for a second to recognize how truly stunning Megan looks? Her flower crown + veil + backless lace dress = all kinds of pretty.
    • Big, billowing bouquet perfection. I believe the pretty power of the peony is endless—I'm certain these bouquets prove my point quite nicely.
    • BBF flowers girls have turned me all mushy.
    • That guestbook/escort card station. The flowers hanging from the rafters. The wooden tables lined with verdant runners and floral-print china. Excuse me while I catch my breath. Such loveliness is hard take in all at once.
    • Help a girl out. I can't possibly decide which treat looks most delicious. That vibrant ombré cake or that stack of banana pancakes.

    The Supporting Actors

    • That squad of pretty in pink 'maids. Undoubtedly.

    The Closing Credits

    • Main Players: Megan & Patrick
    • Wedding Date & Venue: July 12, 2015 at Sorella Farms
    • Theme/Inspiration: a warm and inviting celebration where guests could bond and create memories; a focus on florals; shades of pink and coral; whimsical, romantic details with a natural vibe; honoring each other and their faith; all DIY'd by the bride with the help of her mother and Love blooms by Doyle's.
    • Behind the Camera: Megan Vaughan Photography
    • Fleurs: flower crown worn by the bride made from greenery and red and pink roses; bouquet carried by the bride composed of peonies, roses, tulips, dahlias, and succulents; succulent bout for the groom; tables accented with greenery runners peppered with peonies and Queen Anne's lace; ceiling decorated with hanging carnations; designed by Love blooms by Doyle's.
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