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Spotlight On: Soulflower Design Studio, San Francisco Wedding Florists

We at Borrowed & Blue have been enamored with the San Francisco wedding florists at Soulflower Design Studio since we launch our Napa market, almost a year and a half ago. Being that they are based in San Francisco, it only made sense for us to reach out to them for the very first florist Spotlight in our newest market, the City by the Bay. We could not be more thrilled to speak with Emily Dreblow, to find out how she got her start in the floral industry, where she find her inspiration, and of course to soak up some images of her flawless designs. Brides, when you're looking for the florists for your San Francisco weddings, I cannot recommend that fine people enough. Enjoy getting to know this lovely lady, and Happy Friday! xo

How did you discover the art of floral design?

I was fortunate enough to intern with a talented floral designer when I was in high school. It was part of an independent study requirement and I had always loved going to the “artsy” flower shop with my mother. I’d help her pick out orchids for the house or buy an artful boutonniere for my prom date. After that internship, I immediately started working in flowers and have loved it ever since!

What are some of your favorite color combinations to work with for weddings?

I love both soft neutrals and bold, vibrant colors. They evoke such different feelings and they can really represent the different personalities and styles of our brides and grooms.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in travel. The different sensory experience that comes with being in another part of the world is incredibly inspiring from the sights, the sounds, the language, the food, and the surroundings. I also find that art, fashion, and architecture often inspire me and influence what we are creating in the studio.

Can you put your finger on what it is that you love so much about flowers?

Flowers have always been such a deep part of my experience in the world. Not only because they are so beautiful and mesmerizing, but because they are a such a profound creative medium. I love not knowing what I’m going to do with a cart full of flowers and then see the results. I am still amazed by them everyday!

What is your favorite thing about working with brides for their San Francisco weddings?

I love the variety of style and taste that comes with San Francisco brides. We see such a range that it gives us wonderful creative freedom.

What you're favorite read (book, magazine, blog, etc.), and where is your coziest reading spot?

I enjoy reading a variety of design magazines: C Magazine, Anthology, & Dwell. My dream spot to read and get inspired is any warm & sunny beachside setting. I grew up in the Midwest but I’ve always been draw to the ocean for tranquility and inspiration.

What is your perfect day in San Francisco?

A perfect day in San Francisco is a great morning cup of coffee from any of the amazing local roasters, then a stroll through the Ferry Building’s Farmers Market followed by a leisurely afternoon in Dolores Park with my Boston Terrier, Oscar, and a tasty dinner amongst my foodie friends.

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Be sure to check out the gorgeous work of Emily & the rest of the San Francisco wedding florists at Soulflower Design Studio on Borrowed & Blue, and don't forget to add them to your Wishlist!

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