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Vero has fallen in love with being given the privilege to document a special day in people’s lives and feels grateful to her clients. A true romantic at heart, Vero often tears behind the camera. Taking that leap of faith to become a full time wedding photographer was the best career move, ever…

Ten years experience as a buyer in the fashion industry has earned Vero a strong sense of the visual. With degrees in both business and fashion, she has honed the savvy needed for the fast-paced world of wedding and portrait photography. But it takes more than a well-trained eye to create photographs that are equally current yet timeless. It takes an innate artistry and an inherent sensibility to capture the magic in a moment. The magic that evaporates the second it hits the air. That's not a moment you'll entrust to just anyone. It's a privilege to which you allow your photographer access. You want the results to appear effortless, comfortable, elegant, and playful. That's the kind of intimacy you want captured forever... that effervescent sparkle. Vero's energy and attention to detail bring focus and clarity to a moment that will disappear in a blink of an eye.

From my love to yours... Vero


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