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    Christie & Mark Beautiful Blush Pink Wedding in San Fran

    December 28, 2013 at The James Leary Flood Mansion

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    If you don't have a box of tissues next to you right now, get up, grab one, and sit back down for all this wedding perfection before your eyes! The first time I saw this gem captured by Clane Gessel Photography, I was giddy with excitement for hours on end, and just looking at it makes my heart swell with joy. Everything about Christie & Mark's San Francisco wedding is absolute bliss, from the soft hues of whites and pinks to the stunning background of the city behind them. Christie is full of grace and beauty throughout, and Mark looks absolutely dashing with his gorgeous bride by his side. This affair has the perfect dose of romance and elegance, and I think you'll agree. This is an event for the books and we are thrilled to share it here on Borrowed & Blue! Congrats Christie & Mark!

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