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    Erica & Mike Romantic Winery Wedding in Woodside

    May 3, 2014 at Thomas Fogarty Winery

    Wedding Details

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    I honestly do not think I could fall more in love with this sweet wedding and even sweeter couple being celebrated on this day. I mean, it's the kind of wedding you love to wake up to see waiting in your inbox, and I can't wait any longer to let you in on this beauty from none other than Megan Clouse Photography. A soft, creamy palette of whites and pinks perfectly paired against striking views of the Bay Area, can't you see why I'm smiling ear-to-ear as I pour over these images? This gem is sure to send your heart in a flutter, so kick back and see San Francisco like you've never seen it before! Xoxo.

    From the couple....

    Our ceremony was held at a hilltop overlooking the Bay Area and we were fortunate to have amazing weather with a clear view stretching from San Francisco to Palo Alto. Walking into the ceremony, seeing our family and friends, and listening to a very personal processional recorded and arranged by Mike, was a moment we will never forget. Erica's dad gave an incredibly touching toast about how he never thought anyone could love his daughter as much as he did, until Mike came along. His emotional words caused tears in many of the fathers' eyes and was a highlight of the evening. Another moment we'll never forget was waving goodbye at the end of the evening to everyone on the dance floor, with Tony Bennett's "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" playing in the background.

    Our Love Story

    We first met at Stanford in 1998 where we were in the same freshman dorm, but were only casual acquaintances. Fast forward 10 years to New Year's Eve 2011 at the Dubliner in Squaw Valley. Erica ran into Mike's roommate, Brian, who she knew from college. After deducing that Erica was not accompanied by a significant other, Brian ran and got Mike. And the rest was history (it only took 15 years to make it happen!)


    In addition to something borrowed, blue, old, and new, Erica's grandmother wore a lucky dime in her shoe on her wedding day in 1948. She kept this dime in a tiny box with the inscription, "Something borrowed, something blue, and a piece of silver in your shoe." In keeping with tradition, Erica's mom wore this same dime dating back to 1947 in her shoe when she was married. She kept this dime in the vintage box for years, hoping that one day Erica would be able to wear it as well. And on May 3rd, 2014, Erica tucked the dime safely in her shoe as she walked down the aisle, carrying years of family history with her.

    What's Next

    We spent a week in wine country at two beautiful venues - Solage in Napa and Farmhouse in Sonoma. We tasted Pinot at Gary Farrell, and the Bourdeax blends of Lambert Bridge. We also had a drink at Aurberge and took in the wonderful views of the valley and stopped for an afternoon snack at Meadowood.

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