Kim & Xan Blue & Purple Industrial Chic Wedding

    July 6, 2013 at Fort Mason Center

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    From the gorgeous hues of blues and violets to the adorable flower girl in her pink boots, it's all about the details of this San Francisco summer wedding. The entire bridal party seems to be having a blast throughout the wedding, especially in the fabulous post-ceremony pictures walking about throughout the town. We love how Chloe Jackman Photography captured the moments before the ceremony when Kim and Xan comforted each other behind the curtain without stealing a peek. From the golf cart ride to the dancing, Kim and Xan's wedding is full of whimsical love!

    From the photographer...

    There are so many moments from their wedding that I will always remember and that made me laugh, cry and feel the love, but I will leave most of them for you to discover or re-discover in the images below. The few that I have to mention are: –When they did their first “not” look before the ceremony: they were very cautious not to see one another and we were all on patrol to make sure that was the case, but we set them up in a door way with their backs to each other so they could only hold hands and hear each other’s voices. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I watched them comfort and support each other with a few simple words and a few squeezes of hands. And Xan, being the Southern gentleman he is, said farewell with a kiss on his lady’s hand. –The ceremony itself: Geez… I was tearing up before the music even started, then I looked at Kim who had tears streaming down her face and I lost it! After the procession it was finally just her and her daddy left to walk out into the main room, down the aisle, and into the arms of the man she will love forever. As she entered the room (I can only imagine this but I’m fairly sure), everything faded away and all she could see was him and all he could see was her. In a perfect moment, she mouthed “I love you” to him and he did the same to her. Through tears of joy, all the way down the aisle, they promised their love to one another. Xan, being the gentleman he is, almost made a big boo-boo by reaching down to kiss Kim when she made it to him at the alter…long before the “you may now kiss the bride” line. But never fear, he caught himself and managed to find the patience to wait to kiss his bride until he was told to (and a million more times since then, I’m sure).

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