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    I started shooting photographs long ago. When I was 12 I received a compact film camera as a birthday gift from my father. At that time, I used my camera in a playful way, snapping anything that would come in front of me.

    After several years I decided to take my love for photography to another level, so I went to film school to study Cinematography, and became a professional Cameraman and Director of Photography in Buenos Aires, my city in Argentina.

    I created Pinnel Photography to put the 15 years of knowledge and experience I had behind the camera in service of couples. I feel that today this is a way in which I can support one of the things we all need the most: love.

    Photographing weddings gives me the chance to witness love in one of its purest expressions. Creating images that inspire and serve as a reminder of humanity's capacity to love is one of the most valuable ways that I can contribute as a photographer.

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