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    Erin & Mikael Elegant Nautical Wedding in San Luis Obispo

    March 23, 2013 at The Cliffs Resort

    Wedding Details

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    This sweet wedding was crisp, clean, and perfectly themed! We love a man in uniform, and Mikael and Erin make the sweetest couple. Ballad's Photography perfectly captures every sweet moment of the day, and we simply could not have asked for more. Congrats you two lovebirds, we wish you all the happiness in the world!!

    From Ballad's Photography........

    This is a beautiful, nautical themed destination wedding in San Luis Obispo County. Mikael arrived home from Afghanistan one month before the wedding, so this was not only an emotional day for many, but also a massive celebration of his return! Hope you enjoy all of the details Erin put together so brilliantly and enjoy some laughs as well.

    Although there were stresses, Erin did a flawless job putting together a beautiful nautical themed, ocean side wedding at the Cliffs Resort in Shell Beach. The couple had a traditional ceremony at San Luis Obispo's Mission and took the local San Luis Trolley back to their reception. There are some fun shots to look for, such as the "Anticipation Shot." They wanted to wait to see each other until the ceremony, so we directed a photo of them holding hands before the ceremony without seeing each other. Another fun detail was a heart that was found as we started shooting carved into the tree! The centerpieces also were a favorite. Every table number matched the age they were in the photos. It did open opportunity for some great photos and laughs, which made it worth it. I hope you enjoy catching all of Erin's unique and creative details and the beautiful setting we were given at both of these locations.

    The Couple


    Mikael and Erin have had one of the toughest years rewarded with a perfect ending, or better yet, a new beginning together as husband and wife. Mikael returned from Afghanistan one month before their wedding, which left Erin in charge of the planning. Mikael and Erin's family were full of hope and prayers that Mikael would make it home safely after being in such a dangerous setting serving our country. We are thankful that another soldier is back home safe and with his family again.

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