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    Olesya & John Traditional Catholic Wedding in Santa Barbara

    January 14, 2012 at Montecito Country Club

    Wedding Details

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    We had a traditional Catholic wedding while observing some purely Russian traditions including a ceremony in which John and his groomsmen had to “win” Olesya before the wedding by performing certain tests including picking out Olesya’s kiss on a glass window (there were about a dozen sets of lipstick laden kisses), choosing a photo of Olesya’s leg (again, a dozen to choose from), remembering important dates to the couple, singing a song to gain admission to where she was being held and ultimately having to find her missing wedding shoe from many boxes around the room. At the reception we had an international theme in keeping with the couple and table assignments were determined by flags of many countries we had visited together or that were otherwise important to us.

    The Couple


    After meeting in St. Petersburg in 2007, we often wrote to each other via email and immediately became good friends. Following months of getting to know each other, the time difference and distance made it seem as though it was not possible to date. We agreed to remain friends and for the next few years we would check in with each other every several months. We both dated others during this time but remained friends. In 2010 we were both single when we reconnected. Olesya suggested Skype and 4 months of videoconferencing inspired us to find a way to see each other again. Unfortunately, we could not get a Visa for Olesya to travel to the USA so we had to meet in places that were between us both. We started in Barcelona and had a really fun time together running from place to place, seeing Gaudi exhibitions and enjoying the sights. Next we went to Rome and the romance of the City took us in. When we had to part again, we decided to see each other as soon as we could which was about 10 weeks later in St. Petersburg Russia. There John got a better feel for the City and was happy to meet Olesya's wonderful parents and friends. 10 weeks after that we met up again in Dubai then went to the Maldives together for an amazing vacation. Another 10 weeks more and a group of us got together for a Mediterranean cruise (proposal happened there).

    Our Love Story

    We are lucky that both of us believe we were destined to be together and we have never doubted that fact. Currently we enjoy living together in Santa Barbara which is a paradise in unto itself and we are enjoying travelling around the United States since we’ve done so much international travel together.

    What's Next

    Next, Olesya will establish a career in Santa Barbara and hopefully we’ll welcome some children into the world someday.

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