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    Yvonne & Jacob Colorful & Classic Santa Barbara Wedding

    September 10, 2011 at Private Residence

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    From Kelsey Crews Photo....

    Yvonne and Jacob's destination wedding was held at a private residence in Santa Barbara...this contributed to the intimate feel of the event. Everything about this couple is bold and romantic. Yvonne spontaneously ditched her original earrings, because her wedding day began by receiving the most beautiful earrings from Jacob. The bride carried a dramatic bouquet of red roses, and the bridesmaids wore deep purple. They walked to the Santa Barbara Mission, stopped at the Rose Garden, and hopped a ride back to the ceremony on a red firetruck. Jacob is a firefighter, so Yvonne surprised him with the arrival of the firetruck. It was the day before the 10th anniversary of 9/11, so they held a special moment of silence, and proceeded to celebrate like no other. The newlyweds ended the night on the dance floor, and enjoyed every minute of it!

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