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    Alena & Jeffrey Elegant Starlight-Themed Country Wedding

    August 30, 2014 at Private Property

    Wedding Details

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    I got chills from reading Alena's description of the inspiration behind her & Jeffrey's wedding (make sure to read it below!). The entire day, from the color palette to little thank you notes, were all hints and glimpses into their entire love story: their first date at Starbucks, the night they fell in love, moments from their childhood, and the location where Jeffrey proposed. Adding another perfect day to their love story, Fizelwink Photography captured every moment beautifully so these lovebirds can look back on this day forever. A magical, mystical night with a fairy tale ending of dancing beneath the stars.

    From the beautiful bride....

    Jeff & I wanted to create our theme from memories and previous milestones. His family owns property in Pecos, NM and he proposed on the bridge there, so we decided to get married in the same location. Our first date was over Starbucks, so we served Pike’s and placed a hand painted, personalized Starbucks cup at every seat, doubling as name tags and a seating chart. We also added adorable thank you notes which had our love story info graphic on the back. We fell in love outside, under the stars, so we chose the night sky ombre colors: all blues and grey-silver under a clear tent so we could have our first dance under the stars.

    The Couple


    Jeff is studying very hard for his Series 7. He loves golf and coffee, and getting up early/staying up late. He is very dedicated to friends and family and an all-around great guy.


    I am actually in the wedding industry, as a wedding planner. It was very difficult to create a wedding that was unique and once in a lifetime for me, so a destination wedding was the only option. I love coffee, good music, and relaxed dinners with friends. I work hard and am enrolled in GFU's master program for Spiritual Direction.


    We work hard and run-run-run all over during the days, but the best part is when we get to sleep beside each other at night. He's the one who kills bugs, takes out the trash, and mows the lawn. I feed him, love on his cats, and make him be social. We both bring out the best in each other.

    Our Love Story

    Jeff & I both met working at a local bank in ABQ. One day I entered his branch and he said, "I've always wanted to fall in love and never found the right girl." I was stunned. This guy I knew only through work revealed his heart to me. After deciding to screen him for a BFF, I asked him out for coffee on Facebook. He thought it was a date... I thought it was an interview... and he ended up being right. That first day at Starbucks, we hit it off and we've been together ever since.


    My father-in-law transferred our baby photos onto acrylic and we placed lights behind them to shine through our adorable baby smiles. It was uber cute, and added a special personal touch to the guest book table.

    What's Next

    We really want to go on a honeymoon this winter. Being fall is a beautiful wedding season in NM, I won't get any time off till then, so it's the soonest we can go. We scuba dive and love to travel, so we're trying to decide if Fiji is the best fit or somewhere with more activity.

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