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    Why get married in Savannah

    Artsy Find in the Old South

    Although Savannah is known for its deep Southern roots harkening to eras past, this town also has a thriving arts and nightlife scene that rivals any big city. Perfect for couples who want the best of both worlds!

    Eat Your Heart Out

    If you’re a foodie, then you can’t go wrong with tying the knot in Savannah. From the world-famous Lowcountry cuisine to countless restaurants whipping out unforgettable culinary creations, something delicious is always being served.

    Beauty In All Forms

    Whether your wedding dreams include a soirée on the coast, a hip downtown celebration in a charming city square, or a classic Southern fête festooned with Spanish moss, Savannah offers countless backdrops for that perfect “I do” moment.

    Exploration Runs Deep

    From antebellum homes and Civil War monuments to modern art galleries and cheeky “ghost” tours, guests will love touring all of the city’s iconic sites.


    Savannah has a humid subtropical climate. As the classification implies, the area is warm and humid year-round, with abundant precipitation.


    Savannah is pleasant in spring, as temperatures range from the upper 50s to mid 70s.


    Summers are hot and muggy, with temperatures in the 80s. Afternoon thunderstorms are common.


    Fall brings sweet relief from the heat, with average temperatures in the 60s and 70s.


    Winters are moderate and comfortable, with average temperatures in the 50s and 60s.

    Most popular wedding styles in Savannah

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    Plan Your Savannah Wedding

    Wedding Attire

    It’s a decision that some young women dream about for years, wondering just what fate has in store for her. Looks, personality, degrees of compatibility...all these elements cycle through her imagination. Will she have to compromise? Is the right fit out there somewhere? Oh, the search for The One. Wait—did you think we were talking about soul mates? Sorry, friend. No. We’re talking about The Dress. Find your sartorial match made in heaven at one of Savannah's fabulous bridal shops, where your fairy godmothers of fashion are waiting to outfit you in the gown you were born to wear. (While you’re there, dress up your whole wedding party to match; you’ll see your entire wedding vision really come to life.) Then gild the whole ensemble with help from your local ring and jewelry specialists, where those eye-catching details, from wedding bands to a “something new” necklace, will secure the look you’ve been searching for. Then sit back and breath a sigh of relief...whew. The hunt is over.

    Wedding Beauty

    Unless you are a model or a celebrity (and if so, well then congrats to you), the twenty-four hours surrounding your walk down the aisle might be the most photographed day of your life. With all those cameras flashing, you’ll want to be sure you’re looking mighty fine, so book an appointment or two with local hair and makeup professionals well in advance to work through the finer details of your wedding appearance. They’ll help you achieve that polished, but not too “done” affect so that you look like you...just a really, really stunning version of you. What could be better? Reward yourself for all that hard work of being gorgeous with a trip to one of Savannah's pampering salons, preferably with your best buds in tow, to get that relaxed, glowy vibe that comes from a killer facial and massage. Oh, and remember when we said this was the most photographed you’ll ever be? Same message applies for your hands, so get those digits in front of a nail technician while you’re there. (Trust us, “ragged cuticles” is not a hot look.)

    Your Wedding Ceremony

    Your wedding ceremony is the single most important part of the day. Make sure your service reflects that. Meet with as many Savannah wedding officiants as you need to until you find the one that seems truly invested in your love story. Work with local ceremony musicians to choose music that reflects the two of you. Plan early and you’ll be rewarded with a heartfelt, meaningful ceremony. Already feeling nervous? Read up on these wedding ceremony tips from one of our favorite local officiants and kiss those jitters goodbye.

    Wedding planning

    Officiants and Ceremony Musicians

    From the Borrowed & Blue Blog

    Your Wedding Reception

    You’ve exchanged your vows, so now it’s time to celebrate with a reception filled with fabulous food, delicious drinks and cocktails, and great music. The thought of planning it all have you feeling the stress already? Team up with one of Savannah’s ultra-talented and experienced wedding planners and designers, and watch how the stress melts away. With one of these pros by your side, you can sit back, relax, and have fun making memories with your love on your wedding day!

    Savannah Reception Vendors

    From the Borrowed & Blue Blog

    Your Rehearsal Dinner

    Begin your wedding weekend by welcoming your friends and family with an unforgettable rehearsal dinner. From local diners with kickin’ Lowcountry cuisine to swanky five-star restaurants, there’s a special space around every corner. During your Savannah rehearsal dinner, watch all your pre-wedding jitters melt away as you begin celebrating with your nearest and dearest.

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    Your Farewell Brunch

    The celebration doesn’t have to end at the reception. Send your friends and family off with a warm farewell by hosting a post-wedding brunch at one of Savannah’s many amazing eateries. It’s a fabulous way to show your appreciation for their journey and make a few more memories they’ll never forget.

    Trust Us: Wake Up, Eat Here


    That envelope, standing out like a diamond amidst the bills and junk mail, is the first piece of information your guests will receive regarding your wedding. The invitation is an insight into your affair’s personality, offering clues about such fundamentals as formality, mood, size, and setting. It’s a gift, really, and can be as pretty as any present—if done well. Don’t waste the opportunity to make a first impression with your invites; enlist the design expertise of a local invitation and paper goods boutique to help craft an original, considered, and cohesive paper suite that truly plants the style seeds for your complete wedding vision. Of course, if your budget allows, going the extra mile to have your stationery hand-calligraphed will pack a majorly sophisticated, not to mention personalized, punch. Savannah's talented calligraphers can do just about anything with a pen and ink, so whether your vibe is clean and modern or elegantly casual, consider adding an extra touch of artistry to your wedding stationery. That envelope will shine all the brighter for it.

    Wedding Welcome Bag

    You’re in the Hostess City of the South, so make sure you warmly greet your guests upon arrival. But how can you be everywhere at once, you’re wondering? Let a wedding welcome bag filled with all sorts of local treats, souvenirs, and weekend necessities stand in for you. Work with the hotels and your planners to make sure your guests find these thoughtful packages as soon as they enter their home-away-from-home for the weekend.

    Wedding Favors

    What’s yet another way to shower your guests with appreciation? Send them off with a locally inspired wedding favor that will remind them of the fun they had at your celebration for years to come. Whether it’s local peaches, a bag of grits, or sweets from a local confectioner, they’ll certainly love the gesture. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Savannah wedding favor ideas, so make sure you take a peek.

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    Guest Activities

    When visiting beautiful Savannah, don’t miss out on taking a stroll past the antebellum homes and downtown squares that fill the Historic District, spending a day exploring artisan shops while taking in the coastal views of River Street, getting your toes wet with a sunny adventure on Tybee Island, or touring the city’s most famous sites on an exciting carriage tour. Encourage your guests to get out there and discover this amazing city. Let them know what your favorite things to do in Savannah are — they’ll love to experience this place through your lens.

    Places to Visit

    Restaurant Recommendations

    Got a hankering for some classic Lowcountry cuisine or down-home Southern-fried chicken and veggies? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for a unique culinary experience that’ll have your guests’ mouths watering? If so, Savannah is definitely the place to be. The locals don’t just do good food—they create dishes that’ll have your taste buds yelling, “Bon appétit, y’all!” Share with your guests this Southern Living article titled “Take a Culinary Tour of Savannah’s Restaurants” and encourage them to get out on the town and discover some of the area’s best restaurants.

    Trust Us: Dine Here

    Accommodations Recommendations

    From charming bed and breakfasts in the Historic District to luxurious hotels in the heart of the city to magical resorts on the islands off of Savannah’s coasts, there’s definitely no shortage of amazing places for you and your guests to lie your heads while celebrating your wedding weekend in Savannah. For your out-of-town friends & family, suggest a few great guest accommodations that are close to the weekend’s festivities, and don’t forget to include a few at different price points so that everyone — from your college-student cousin to your boss’s family — can find a room that works for their budget & style. They will so appreciate you making their trip planning just a little bit easier.

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    Your Engagement Session

    From the 22 city squares in the Historic District to the Riverfront, Savannah has backdrops that dreams are made of. This couldn’t be better news for your engagement session. We caught up with a few of our favorite local wedding photographers & asked them to share a few locations around town that they love for engagement photos. Make sure you read what they have to say before your shoot happens.

    The Bachelorette Party

    Teeming with activity and endless ways to have fun, there couldn’t be a better place for a fabulous bachelorette party than Savannah. Hit up local bars packed with character and try the city’s signature cocktail Chatham Artillery Punch. Enjoy a day of spa pampering and shopping on River Street, and much, much more. We’ve got tons of bachelorette party ideas for you, so take a look & let’s get planning.

    The Bachelor Party

    We’ve got an idea: how about a bachelor weekend in Savannah? With endless opportunities for outdoor fun, downtown bar crawls, and casual pubs that are great for grabbing a bite and a beer, this town is the perfect place for the groom-to-be and his buddies to party. Check out our favorite Savannah bachelor party ideas here.

    Get to Know Your Vendors

    Where would we be without the immensely talented pool of Savannah wedding vendors? Their passion for planning, commitment to their couples, and incredible ingenuity is what makes the local wedding scene as remarkable as it is, and it's the unique team behind every wedding working together that makes each event an affair to remember. Their combined experience and expertise is second to none, and we want you to benefit from it while assembling your dream team of vendors. Check out our Spotlight Series for in-depth Q&As with the best of the best in the industry, and make sure to read the articles they've contributed to Borrowed & Blue for the most reliable wedding tips & tricks, straight from the source.

    Major Annual Events to Consider

    Savannah is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so the city is always buzzing with events, activities, and fun festivals. When setting a date, don’t forget to keep an eye on the local happenings that might disrupt your fabulous wedding weekend plans by making hotel rooms harder to get & creating traffic, making it hard to get around the city. Below, we’ve rounded up a few of the major annual events to help make planning a little bit easier for you.

    Local Buzz

    When planning something as complex and significant as your wedding day, sometimes you just want friendly experts to step in and share some pearls of wisdom. Lucky for you, we know people (we’re sitting right here — wink wink). And we’ve got your back: insider tips, exhaustive research, and inspiring takes on all aspects of the planning process, compiled here specifically with your wedding location in mind. You’re just a few clicks away from wedding planning peace of mind...you’re welcome! (No thank-you note required.)

    Local Online Resources

    Check out some other useful local online resources to get you acquainted with all-things Savannah, from travel guides to the local restaurant scene to great local wedding blogs run by our friends in the industry:

    Tips from local pros

    Choosing Your Savannah Wedding Vendors

    With our comprehensive list of local wedding pros, we're here to help you put together an all-star team to bring your vision to life.