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5 Ways Savannah Wedding Planners Can Save You Money

5 Ways Savannah Wedding Planners Can Save You Money
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You may have heard this a time or two, but planning Savannah weddings is a tricky business that often can lead to crazy stress levels and plenty of budget uh-ohs. There's no doubt about it — when you are bogged down with to-do lists as long as your arms and tons of questions, the last thing that you want to add on top of yourself is hours and hours of trying to scout out the best deals in order to save money and maximize your wedding budget So why not say goodbye to that hectic schedule, get all your questions answered in a snap, and save money along the way by hiring one of the many professionals who live and breathe all of the above? Let's face it, Savannah wedding planners know a thing or two about pulling off a fabulous wedding day with minimal mania, but the dollar saving tricks that these folks have up their sleeves are definitely the best asset of all!

We have no doubt that you have an incredulous look on your face right about now that says, "Borrowed & Blue, have you lost your mind? There is no way that you can save money by spending money on Savannah wedding planners!" And, of course, we don't blame you. The idea seems a bit odd at first and we understand the skepticism, but hear us out. First and foremost, it's true that you do have to spend money on hiring the planner before you can see the return benefit of saving money in the end, but our first request is to change your viewpoint just slightly. Instead of looking at Savannah wedding planners as a colossal waste of your much-needed wedding reserve, think of all the ways that this one vendor can dramatically save you time, energy, & money, and guide you through every single step from "yes" to "I do." Peace of mind is a grand thing and when the going gets tough while planning Savannah weddings, you'll see exactly why this one very special wedding vendor is the answer to your wedding planning prayers.

Staying sane and happy while you prepare for your big day is reason enough to explain why Savannah wedding planners are priceless resources, but factor in the following 5 ways that they can save you money and it becomes crystal clear that the reasons to hire far outweigh the reasons not to.

Money Saving Method 1: Insider Contacts

Wedding planners all know that making it to the top in the wedding market requires networking and establishing new professional relationships all the time. This skill doesn't only help them with their business, it helps you too. Savannah wedding planners can use their contacts to weed out the best vendors for your vision and your budget and can easily use their associations to help score you deals and discounts. Vendors in this field work together all the time, so it is easy to just call up the right people when they are needed.

Money Saving Method 2: Cutting Out The MIddle Man

One of the foremost trends that we see today with wedding planning companies is the move toward full-service planning. That is, they offer much of what you need in-house — flowers, rentals, budget planning, and more. Although not all Savannah wedding planners offer this type of all-encompassing packages, many of them do and by cutting out the middle man of additional vendors and rental companies, they can easily accommodate your budget size.

Anastasia Marie Stevenson, florist and event designer for Savannah wedding planning company Coastal Creative Events, explains how inside contacts and hiring a planner that cuts out the middle man are two really awesome pros:

“What makes Coastal Creative Events different from most Savannah wedding companies is that we save brides money by providing most services - décor, floral design, and rentals - directly. We have an in-house florist, carpenter, fashion/event designer, and officiant on staff. We customize packages to suit each destination bride’s style. By cutting out the middle man, we can pass along those savings to our brides.

We also have very strong relationships with top notch Savannah wedding vendors that we share with our brides for other services. These long-standing relationships involve industry discounts that brides would not be able to get when planning on their own. Coastal Creative Events strives to provide unique and excellent wedding packages at a reasonable price. We want our clients to have an unforgettably beautiful day without sacrificing style and individuality over budget concerns."

Money Saving Method 3: Budget Expert

Sadly, but truly, couples planning their Savannah weddings end up going over their budget. This causes intense stress, and sometimes, even serious fights. Thankfully, Savannah wedding planners are experts when it comes to divvying up the budget in the right increments so that budget overflow doesn't happen. Whether you are working with a big set of funds or a more modest savings account, your planner can make your day happen and make it dream worthy too!

Money Saving Method 4: Hidden Gems

You can scourer the Internet until you reach the end of the Google pages related to your search, but chances are that there will be hidden gems tucked away in Savannah that only local wedding planners will know about, and that insider knowledge is beyond needed for planning a wedding on a budget. So if you are dying to have to those "just a tad over budget" candlesticks for your wedding decor, don't despair, your wedding planner will definitely know where to score a more cost-friendly version or how to rearrange your budget in a jiffy to make room for their purchase.

Money Saving Method 5: Contract Pro

Does reading pages and pages of legal jargon, rules, and potential fees sound like a good time to you? Probably not, but unfortunately that's what you'll find in all the contracts that you receive from the Savannah wedding vendors you hire for your big day. However, Savannah wedding planners are contract reading pros and have detecting unnecessary restrictions and fees, negotiating rates, and reading the small print down to a fine art, which makes them unbelievably beneficial to have by your side during this crucial stage of the wedding planning game. A wedding planner could be the difference between lots and lots of unexpected fines tacked on to your bill and having a worry-free experience!

If you're still on the fence, explore some local planners and meet with your favorites to discuss your ideas, concerns, budget, etc. We know know there is a special connection just waiting to happen!

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