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Summer and Savannah weddings are truly a match made in heaven. With the Spanish moss glimmering and the magnolias more gorgeous than ever, there's simply no better time to tie the knot in this southern town. And at the heart and soul of every summer wedding we've ever seen come our way is a stunning arrangement of the most lovely flowers.

As you think about the perfect flowers for your big day, remember that selecting in-season blooms will save you money and ensure that your bouquet is as bright and fresh as possible. Capitalize on the warm weather and sunshine, and select wedding flowers that will light up the room.

“Summer is a great time to take advantage of the colorful palette of sunflowers, gerbera daisies, dahlias, [and] eryngium,” says Amy Harvey of Harvey Designs Wedding Flowers. She also recommends allium, hydrangeas, agapanthus, and yarrow for brides to consider adding to their floral arrangements to beat the summer heat.

So which ones might be right for you? We're digging deeper and sharing why we love each of these varieties, so get comfortable.


      The quintessential late summer bloom, the sunflower is without a doubt a favorite of ours, and we always love seeing them in Savannah weddings. Its pop of color is bold, fresh, inviting, and adds a seasonal flair that we adore. Added bonus: these blooms thrive in the heat, so you don't have to worry about your bouquet wilting halfway down the aisle!

      Gerbera Daisies

      Gerbera daisies are one of those summer wedding flowers that can fit into any wedding theme or color palette. While they are most known for their yellow, red, and orange varieties, Savannah wedding florists can find them in white, pink, and violet hues, if that is more your liking. These flowers are simple, sweet, and looking stunning in a plethora of floral arrangements.


      A favorite among florists, dahlias come in countless colors and varieties, from the small, crisp pink ones to bigger and bushier blossoms in hues of red, yellow, and purple. The petals of dahlias are small and plentiful, and some can even take on an “ombre” effect—pink with white tips, for example.

      They are truly stunning for summer weddings.


      Also known as “sea holly,” this sapphire (or sometimes steel blue) flower is known for its spiky petals and prominent center, which stands out from the stem and is shaped like a blackberry. Its punk-rock look pairs especially well with the classic white roses for a more elegant approach, or consider wildflowers for a more natural look.


      These purple, bulb-shaped flowers look as though they were grown in Whoville and hand-picked by Dr. Seuss himself. Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that they naturally come in two extreme sizes: small and large. Their whimsical quality and vibrant color makes alliums a beautiful addition to a statement bouquet.


      Brides-to-be love hydrangeas, and for good reason! These blooms come in virtually every color under the sun and their luscious petals mean less stems you have to purchase (saving you a little cash!). Whether you look to solely carry these flowers on your wedding day or decide to add in some greenery or other floral varieties, hydrangeas are sure to be a stunner!


      Although the name is a bit of a tongue-twister, you’ll like what it means: “agapanthus” is a marriage of two Greek words, “agape” (love) and “anthos” (flower). Judging by name alone, it’s the perfect addition to any bridal bouquet. With its trumpet-like clusters of blue, purple, pink, or white petals, versatile agapanthus can either take center stage or complement larger blooms.


      Known for being both a medicinal herb and a butterfly magnet, yarrow comes in a bright spectrum of colors from the golden hue to a punchy strawberry red. It's a beautiful flower, but tough, too, and it stands out even in a bouquet of bigger petals. Consider pairing it with succulents and summertime berries for a unique and vibrant look.

      Zinnias, chrysanthemums, matsumoto asters, and oncidium orchids are other flowers in season during the summer & all look gorgeous in bridal bouquets. The choice simply depends on your motif and the style of your wedding day!

      If you’re looking for a few less traditional options, consider wildflowers like Queen Anne’s lace, herbs, or even sweet-smelling honeysuckle blossoms.

      Throughout the process of selecting the right bridal bouquet - and lovely bouquets for the bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the groomsmen, and centerpieces for the tables - remember that your florist will be your best friends. Take the time to meet with a few, ask about their experience with weddings, and share some of your ideas with them. You'll be amazed at how they can help you create stunning floral designs that are right on vision and on budget.

      Happy planning!

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      A big "thank you!" to Harvey Designs Wedding Flowers for sharing their expertise!

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