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    Amanda & AJ Vintage Charm Meets Savannah Glam

    October 11, 2013 at Tybee Wedding Chapel

    Wedding Details

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    If you've been following us for any amount of time now, you know we are completely and utterly obsessed with weddings. And nothing makes our hearts flutter more than a good ol' Southern soirée, particularly one like Amanda & AJ's Georgia gem. Subtle glam doused in the most unexpected ways paired with the beauty Tybee Island brings to any day, makes for a match made in wedding heaven. And how could we not even mention this stunning duo? These lovebirds were beaming throughout, and we're so glad Life's Highlights was there to capture it all from behind the lens. M'dears, this entire day is quite the treat, so head on over and see all the pretty for yourselves. Congratulations Amanda & AJ!

    From Ivory and Beau....

    The couple, from Florida, had attended many friend's weddings that year wanted something very Southern and very Savannah. When visiting the Tybee Wedding Chapel, the groom said he can envision himself marrying Amanda there, and it was a done deal. Everything started with the venue and everything came into place naturally after that. The couple wanted a lot of candlelight and a very romantic, vintage vibe. Amanda & AJ entered a free rentals contest from Ever Thine where they shared their engagement story, and they actually ended up winning free vintage rentals, which was perfect for the vibe they wanted. For the flowers we used a very neutral color palette with shades of blush, ivory and white and had candles all over the tables. It was a lovely wedding with fun details and lots of happiness!

    Our Love Story

    The couple met through their mutual friends, whom they lovingly refer to as "The Page Sisters," out on the town one night in fall of 2009. They actually attended the same high school (different graduating years); however, didn't know each other back then.

    From the bride....

    On August 26th, AJ planned a "photography lesson" with his friend and professional photographer, Joe Roberts, at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. Photography is a hobby of mine, so I was very excited to be getting a lesson from a pro. As we all arrived, security for the Republican National Convention (RNC) would not allow anyone in or around the park. AJ let a security guard in on the secret, and was able to pass through with Joe & me in tow discussing photography. Unknown to me, AJ was walking to a specific brick paver with the lettering "Will You Marry Me?" inscribed on it. As he got to the brick, he pointed it out, got down on one knee and said, "Amanda, I love you to death, will you marry me?" And I replied, "Are you serious?! OMG! YES!"

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