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    Hannah & Jake Southern Glam in Savannah

    May 9, 2015 at Mansion on Forsyth Park

    Wedding Details

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    Why This Wedding Made the Playoffs

    The Starting Lineup

    • That darling lil' damsel rocking those stellar blue Monolo's.
    • Monogramed floral ribbons. Because Southern. Because flash of color. Because personal touch.
    • And no Southern soirée is complete without magnolias.
    • That tearful pre-ceremony moment between the bride and groom. #AllTheFeels
    • Speaking of the feels, how about the groom dissolving in tears as he sees his bride coming down the aisle?
    • All those gorgeous greens lining the aisle.
    • Giant live oaks and draping Spanish moss: that's Savannah y'all.
    • Gold glitter table runners matched with gold chargers—yeah, we give this reception a gold star.

    The Second String

    • Because all the floras in this wedding need a Southern touch, that petal monogram is perfection.
    • Stylish Southern gents: black slacks, white tux jackets, and bowties.
    • That adorable golden decked out in a floral collar.
    • Kisses in the sky...with diamond? Okay, so we can't write a lyric as well as The Beatles, but we're smitten with those giant gold X and O balloons.
    • A family Bible is a special gift for many newlyweds, and we love how these two used the theirs as their guest book to honor their faith and embrace tradition.

    The Stats

    • Main Players: Hannah & Jake
    • Wedding Date & Venue: May 9, 2015 at Mansion on Forsyth Park
    • Theme/Inspiration: Southern accents; classic elegance; religious influences; all brought together by Harvey Designs and Posh Petals and Pearls.
    • Behind the Camera: Kelli Boyd Photography
    • Dress Deets: lace fitted gown with a sweetheart neckline.
    • Fleurs: peonies, roses, stock, magnolias, hydrangeas, gardenia, and greenery; bouquets of all white peonies, roses, stock, and magnolias surrounded by greenery; bouts of gardenia; all white and green arrangements of roses, peonies, stock, magnolias, and hydrangeas.
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