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As a Seattle bride, you may have dreams of walking down a floral-lined aisle on a bed of rose petals holding a lush bouquet of blush-toned peonies, but you have to be realistic and ask yourself: will my wedding budget allow it? Brides who have planned Seattle weddings have spent an estimated $2,100 & upwards on their wedding flowers. Yeah, those petals will cost you a pretty penny alright!

Good thing we’ve gathered some money-saving tricks to help you afford all of the blooms you’ve ever wanted, without blowing your budget.

Utilize Local & Seasonal Blooms

This is perfect for the bride who has her own Pinterest board dedicated to budding bouquets filled with blooming peonies, anemones, and garden roses. When you opt to use local and in-season Seattle wedding flowers, you cut out the transportation costs involved with having to import your desired blooms, which can save you some serious cash. We definitely recommend meeting with Seattle wedding florists once you set your wedding date to decipher which blooms will be in season at the time of your wedding; they'll be able to point you in the right direction on which flowers you should choose for Seattle weddings in your favorite month.

Use Your Surroundings

We have to say, brides planning Seattle weddings are pretty lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery. To cut costs on your floral budget, take advantage of wedding venues that offer built-in natural charm. A garden or vineyard ceremony won’t require many extra floral accents to set a picturesque scene to say "I do."

Keep It Simple

We know you may have dreams of over-the-top floral displays, but believe us when we say that the "less is more" principle can actually be a very chic option for your décor. Scaling back on your designs is really the best way to keep your wedding budget in check. Think about what is most important to you as a bride. Do you really need to have opulent three-foot tall centerpieces, or could you opt for a more simple arrangement, like a few clustered flowers that still give you the feeling of bundled blooms?

We sought tips from a few of our favorite Seattle wedding florists, and one, Julia Miller from Julia's Floral, offered one place where you shouldn't scale back: “Never skimp on the bridal bouquet! It's in more photos than any other floral piece. It should be amazing.”

Try Some Alternatives

There is always the option to forgo florals completely! Stay with us here, Seattle brides, we have an explanation, we promise. Whether you can’t justify spending a couple thousand dollars on blooms, or you’re just not a flower-y kind of bride, there are a ton of awesome (and inexpensive!) alternatives you can swap in place, or at least incorporate.

We’ve recently noticed the trend of brides creating a brooch bouquet with family heirlooms, which we think is absolutely stunning. Plus, it’s something you can keep forever as opposed to your flower bouquet which eventually, and unfortunately, will wither. Or try creating a bouquet with unconventional plants, like the gorgeous cotton bouquet below, so fitting for the Bonnie & Ian's laidback wedding.

Carry this concept right into your ceremony décor by swapping out floral backdrops for paper lanterns. And who says your centerpieces have to be full of budding blooms? Maybe you and your husband met at a book club or you’re both into photography. Try using a stack of books you got from the thrift shop as your centerpiece or showcase your collection of vintage cameras. Your décor should be personal to you and your hubby; don’t get bogged down by tradition.

More Money-Saving Tips:

  • Fake it till you make it! Switching out real flowers for faux is a great way to save money. Try lining the ceremony aisle with them or have your bridesmaids carry bouquets full of fake blooms. Your guests will never know the difference.
  • Have your blooms pull double duty! Again, the Seattle wedding florists at Julia's Floral definitely recommend this: “Many of my couples wisely 'repurpose aisle to tabletop flowers. Again, trust your florist to guide you in this process, because some designs (like large filled glass cylinders) are nearly impossible to move without the florist's staff there to do it, which will add to your bill.”
  • Consider renting: “ Many florists have wonderful props that help evoke your wedding mood. You'll save time and money over tracking down these items yourself, and they can be delivered and installed with your flower order,” says Julia Miller.

Whatever you budget & vision, be sure to reach out to your Seattle wedding florists for their guidance & expertise. They have so much more where this came from!

Happy planning!

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