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Spotlight On: Aubrey Joy Photography

Spotlight On: Aubrey Joy Photography

Aubrey Joy has a photographic style all her own. With a vintage flair that is unmistakably hip & modern, we can't help but swoon over her chic images. Aubrey has been shooting weddings for over five years now, and we are so excited to share some insight on this incredible Northwest photographer! Special thanks to Aubrey for choosing some of her all-time favorite images to complement this draw-droppingly gorgeous Spotlight!

What is your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry?

My favorite thing about working in the wedding industry is being able to work with people on the best day of their lives! When I first went into wedding photography there were a lot of people cautioning me about "bride-zillas" and ultra stressful wedding days. I've found this not to be true. Sure, there are negative parts about my job, but the vast majority of weddings are so much fun! Not to mention emotional, endearing, and extremely rewarding.

How would you describe your photographic “style”?

I would say my photographic style is honest. I get a lot of comments from brides appreciating how I captured their wedding day in a way that reflects who they were as a couple. Sure, I definitely have my own style of editing my photos, but when it comes to photographing a couple on their wedding day I try very hard to understand what they want to remember and what they want from me as their photographer. I'm not going to make a wedding party do "jumping photos" when I can tell from a mile away that is NOT their scene. I want to tell the love story between the couple I'm photographing, and I do that in the most honest, beautiful way I can.

If you could tell a soon-to-be bride and groom one thing about photography on their wedding day, what would it be?

If I could tell a bride and groom one thing about photography on their wedding day it would be just to relax and enjoy the ride. Don't worry too much about the photos, that's the reason you hired a pro! Let them stress and manage time for you and just enjoy your day, it goes by SO fast!

What is your morning ritual?

First thing in the morning, I need my coffee. Then, I need my coffee again. Haha.. by that my Boxer Dog, Harvey has had about enough waiting around for me to become a human and is dying to go on a walk. After that, it's computer work for most of my weekdays: editing, networking, blogging... and of course pinning!

How do you take your coffee?

I like drip coffee with coconut milk creamer, yum.

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