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    Nearly twelve years ago my wife, Lauren, and i were searching to find a photographer who could capture our wedding in the way Lauren had always envisioned it. Many of the same things we hear from brides today were important to Lauren then, "candid, not too posed, spontaneous, fun..."

    When lauren found the photographer who's work embodied everything she was looking for, I couldn't believe what it was going to cost. It penned out to be a down payment on a (small) house. Why did it cost so much and why were we going to pay it?  Now I understand... and i can't tell you how thankful I am we hired that particular photographer...

    Many people think all a photographer need do is arrive, work for six to eight hours, press some buttons and (almost magically) perfect looking, retouched, images appear on a disk. to that, I have two thoughts: 1. if only it were that easy and... 2. if that's what you're friends have received in the past I imagine either their photographer isn't in business any longer or they weren't satisfied with what they received. Am I right? 

    Imagine, you get a good deal for your wedding photography. You also get the "disk of images" that everyone says you must have.  Now imagine you're celebrating your second anniversary by moving into your dream home and you're planning on finally printing some of the images from your disk to hang on your wall...  wait, where's the disk? Lost in the move? You call the person who photographed your wedding but the number has been disconnected--out of business and your wedding is gone, forever. Being in the business, we hear horrifying stories like this all the time, it happens.

    If you simply don't have the money to hire a true professional, please ask questions and know what you are getting for your money. Remember, it's one of the most important days of your life...

    Why is it worth paying for? There are numerous websites and blogs that suggest the majority of your budget be spent on the venue, catering, flowers and dress. Let's put this in to perspective... You, as the bride, are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars for a dress you'll wear for (maybe) 10 hours, flowers that last a week (during which time you'll be gone), food that goes to waste, and one of the highest costs, a venue that you'll spend approximately 12-24 hours at. Please don't misunderstand me, all of these things are important in creating a unique experience for you and your guests and certainly what may be important for one bride may not be for another. Consider, whichever item is most important to you, do you want it captured to remember, forever? 

    Yes, artistic, timeless, and beautiful wedding photography is going to cost. Luckily, it has a return that far outlasts the other costs for your wedding. If photography isn't high on your priority list for your wedding, chances are we're not a good fit for you.

    If you think we're a good fit, please fill out our on-line form located here: http://benjaminedwardsphotography.wufoo.com/forms/were-listening/

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