Mastin Studio in Seattle

    Before I take a picture, I compose it in my mind.

    A fine art photo is a combination of the environment, the subject, and the raw emotion of the moment. A great photo doesn’t happen by itself. There is care, attention to detail, and a tremendous amount of thought involved. I want my clients to not only be happy with their photos today, but also in 10 or 20 years. This is my definition of a classic fine art wedding photograph.

    I’ve been published in magazines and blogs all over the world, but the biggest honor is when a client is thrilled with his or her photos. That is why I do what I do.

    Film has soul. Film has feeling. Digital has it’s purpose but film satisfies me. That is why I shoot film at every wedding to create timeless photos for each couple.

    Your wedding album is the best way to experience your wedding photos after your big day.

    Fine, hand-crafted, custom albums are a graceful way to not only preserve, but interact with and share your wedding photos.

    In line with my photography philosophy, I believe every bride and groom deserve the very best album to showcase their photos and become the first heirloom of their new family.

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