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    Ali & Brock Heartwarming DIY Waterfront Wedding

    August 11, 2012 at Private Residence on the Hood Canal

    Wedding Details

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    Ali and Brock's wedding was a waterfront fairytale that we want to dive right into. BRAUNphotography captured everything from her stunning dress and brocade bouquet, to every gorgeous DIY detail in between that they made just for their big day. This couple was absolutely adorable and so much fun. I mean, we could watch them frolic on the beach all day long! They ended the night with an impressive display of fireworks and sparklers - a perfect way to start their new life together.

    From the bride........

    I love the ocean. It is a place of peace, happiness and serenity. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to swim, kayak, fish and do about anything on the water. When days get tough I go to the beach. So if I wanted a romantic moment, what better place to go but the ocean? It seemed that I practically lived there while I grew up.

    I had a vision of our wedding being a day that we would never forget. I wanted it to be relaxing and fun. Full of energy and good people. I visualized the day at the beach with people hanging out just like we are on vacation with family.

    Our Love Story

    Brock and I met two years ago. I was a waitress at a local restaurant and Brock's mom and sisters came in to have dinner. They were so funny, we really hit it off, and they convinced me to go on a date with Brock. Normally, I wouldn't go on a random date, but I figured what I was doing wasn't working so why not try a new kind of date. It was my first blind date ever. Once we met, we were inseparable. We jumped head first into an amazing relationship and have been happy ever since. We never had a moment of doubt that we were not going down the right path. One our one year anniversary Brock surprised me at my classroom with the most thoughtful proposal ever. He asked me with my class holding signs reading " will you marry me," and he was in front down on one knee.


    My mom and I had lots of fun thinking of things that we could do, from making our own chair ties to dipping our wine glasses in chalk paint. We even made our own invitations. We added other personal touches by creating an interesting guest book of signing on beach rocks and creating programs into fans. We added a hint of pink and teal in the mix but used mostly the tans and creams to keep with the beach theme. Joylnn, Mother of the Groom, was in charge of flowers and did an amazing job of planning, planting and babying the plants to turn into and amazing isle. Our brother Connor created our wedding monogram with white rocks in front of our drink bar. Our centerpieces focused on different years of Brock and I's childhood up until our wedding day. It was so fun to put our childhood memories side by side.

    Wedding Venue Private Residence on the Hood Canal
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