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    Ashley & Aaron Lovely Seattle Spring Soirée

    May 11, 2013 at Edgewater Hotel

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    It's a sunny day in Seattle, and this duo could not be more head-over-heels in love. Spring weddings seem a little sweeter when seen through Kate Price Photography's lens, and she captured every sweet moment between Ashely & Aaron. When you have a backdrop as lovely as the Edgewater Hotel, lush green and white florals paired with details in neutral tones are all you need for a gorgeous day......

    From the planner....

    Ashley and Aaron both grew up in the halls of Charles Wright Academy but being one grade apart they never had the chance to meet until Aaron's senior year and Ashley's junior year when they were both cast in the One Act play together. At that time they got to know each other a little better but Aaron soon graduated and left for college in the Midwest. In the summer of 2009 after Ashley had graduated college and moved back to Seattle he decided it was time to give her a call. After she resisted multiple advances, Aaron finally asked Ashley on a date on his 23rd birthday when he knew she couldn't say no. He also popped the big question on her 26th birthday when she couldn't say no as well! The proposal happened while they were on a bike ride from Seattle to Red Hook Brewery, one of their favorite places in the Northwest. They had stopped for a picnic lunch at a park and just as they were finishing up, Aaron got down on one knee. Ashley had been wondering why he was wearing cargo shorts on a bike ride and as soon as he pulled out the ring box, she knew it was to hide the evidence! She immediately said yes and the rest if history!

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