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    Bonnie & Ian Stunning Cajun Fête in Washington

    August 11, 2013 at UW Botanic Gardens

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    Setting Gardens
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    I'm honestly not even sure where to start with this wedding! Should I begin with all of the wedding guests decked out in white? Or the two amazing wedding gowns the bride wore throughout the day? Or maybe the Cajun reception food that the bride made herself? We are just blown away by this beauty and cannot wait another minute to share it with you. The whites and blues of this wedding day were sheer perfection, and the amazing outdoor venues made this day what it was - along with the ever-talented Crozier Photography! These images are utterly amazing, so we will stop rambling now and let you take a look for yourself....

    From the photographer....

    This was a Cajun wedding in Seattle, and probably the coolest wedding I have ever shot. There were so many personal touches! To start, the entire wedding including guests wore white. There was a gospel choir singing while Bonnie walked the aisle. Hosted at Seattle's Center for Urban horticulture, this wedding was held all over the grounds. They had their guests walk 15 minutes to reach their ceremony destination on the banks of Lake Washington. The reception wasn't held inside the hall, but instead outside in the orchard. A super long horseshoe table was the show case as the guest enjoyed real cajun food made by the bride herself. Oh, and there was a cajun band too! A very unique and beautiful wedding.

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