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    Kari & Eamon Bright Seattle Skyline Wedding

    June 28, 2013 at Bhy Kracke Park & Blue Ribbon Cooking School

    Wedding Details

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    Oh, my goodness, where do I begin on this beauty. The dress, the sweet dog, the shoes... this couple made Seattle proud. On a perfect summer day, Kari & Eamon said their "I Do"s with the skyline of the city as a backdrop, and all of their closest friends and family looking on. I love it when a bride and groom have their own sense of style, and these two are perfectly unique and absolutely head-over-heels. The personalized details from hand-drawn signs to the sweetest favors we ever did see to the bespoke backdrop for photos, make this Seattle soirée one of our very favorites yet. We are absolutely over the moon that Jenny Storment Photography chose to share this beauty with us today! xoxo

    From the photographer....

    Details, details, details! The bride not only made most of her wedding decor but the couple had one of the most personal, beautiful ceremonies I have ever seen. On the surface, the wedding comes across as pretty normal, ceremony at Bhy Kracke Park on Queen Anne and reception at the Blue Ribbon Cooking School on Lake Union. But knowing this couple, it was far from normal. The private ceremony of family & close friends over looked downtown Seattle on one of the most warm days we had this year. During the ceremony Kari & Eamon included both sets of parents and siblings in reading quotes & passages that were important to the them. The unity ceremony included oil and herbs that the bride & groom felt represented themselves. Lots of laughing, happy tears & memories!

    Our Love Story

    Kari is a native Seattleite, and Eamon is a California transplant who moved up around the same time Kari graduated from university. It’s hard to remember the exact date when Eamon and Kari ‘met.’ Their first encounter was at a local watering hole where Eamon's friends and Kari converged every weekend. At the time, Kari & Eamon were both just a friend of a friend to each other. Each on different paths with different people – although Kari recalls that he was definitely the cutest guy in the room. A few months later they crisscrossed again at a friend’s BBQ. This time, Kari was newly single and definitely noticed not-so-single Eamon. They exchanged smiles and laughs, but a short time later came the goodbyes, and Eamon rode away on his bike.

    A few weeks later, happenstance found them back at the same bar. Kari was with friends, one of whom was dating Eamon’s best friend at the time. Ever determined, Kari figured third time might be a charm. So without taking a breath, she turned to her friend and asked pointblank, “Hey, do you know if Eamon is single yet?” “Um, yeah. Yeah I think he is now,” they said. Now to this day, her friends joke that upon hearing this, Kari bolted towards Eamon’s table so fast that everyone assumed she'd morphed into a flying squirrel. That’s the story, and the nickname, they’re sticking to.

    A week later, Eamon and Kari had their first date hiking up Mt. Si, just outside the city. Whether it was the angry bee that followed Kari halfway up the mountain, or our endless exchange of movie quotes and puns – they both realized the other was something special. The “I love you”s came two weeks later.

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