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    Megan & Tyler Handmade Chic Wedding in Seattle

    July 27, 2013 at Dragonfly Retreat

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    Seattle might not be known for its wine scene, but Megan & Tyler's darling summer wedding would certainly have you thinking otherwise. These two took their love for a glass of fine wine, and designed their wedding around this concept, bringing us this gem to share with all of you lovelies! From their table numbers made with empty bottles to the customized labels for their wine at the reception to the unique corks with their name inscribed on it, there's evidence of their shared passion all over this day. And now about the bride & groom. Aren't they just as sweet as they come? Boy can you feel the love these two share with one another in every image Lilly Photography shares with us, and it is enough to make our hearts melt. A dose of lovely, we're sure this wedding will leave you swooning and brighten up your day!

    The Couple


    Tyler also grew up in the Puget sound. He is a successful electrical engineer.


    Megan grew up in the Puget sound. She is a detail-oriented dental hygienist. Along with this comes a very sweet and caring personality.


    Megan & Tyler are two of a kind. They love adventure, but are completely content with the simple things. Give them fine wine and each other's company, and they’re in heaven!

    Our Love Story

    Tyler would say it was love at first sight, but it took Megan a little longer to realize that Tyler was the one. After months of chasing Megan down, the couple started dating and were inseparable from there on!


    From the bride….

    It’s your day---so make it exactly what you want it to be! It is so rewarding seeing your hand-crafted touches on your special day. And it saves money too! Pick an item that’s going to be your starting point. For us, it was wine. From there we created cork place holders, refurbished wine barrels into tables, made wine bottle centerpieces, and so on! You don’t realize how creative you are until the right inspiration comes along!

    What's Next

    They are enjoying every minute of the newlywed life, and finding their happily ever after! And a few years down the road, these two hope to add some little ones.

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