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    Patti & John Cowboy Country Wedding in Seattle

    August 16, 2013 at This was a Do-It-Yourself

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    Lovelies, it's time to saddle up, and immerse yourselves in Patti & John's gorgeous wedding, captured by none other than a wedding vendor. Everything about this stunning day is absolute wedding perfection, and these two certainly did not miss a beat when planning the ultimate country fête! From the bride's elegant gown with ruffles galore to groom decked out in his finest Western attire, we just cannot stop gawking at it all. Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself, and see what we mean!

    From the photographer….

    When thinking about her wedding as a little girl, Patti never imagined she would be buckling in, and marrying the cowboy of her dreams. A city girl, always with beautifully manicured nails and a fancy car in the drive, she saw something very different in her future than how her story came to be...that all changed for her when she met John. The Washington native, country boy--with acres of his own land near the Canadian boarder, horses, and his own mechanical bull riding company--stole Patti's heart from the very beginning. So she jumped on board, and embraced her new country lifestyle, going all out for their picturesque wedding in the woods. From cowboy boots, and saddles on their bar to one of John's own mechanical bulls at the reception, this city girl ended the night trading in her Lexus for a pickup truck, and could not be happier with her very own cowboy!

    The Couple


    John's background as a professional bull rider has taken him all over the country competing against the tip top of his industry, but after an accident several years back he decided to take a step back from the real thing, and move into the mechanical bull world. He now runs a very successful rental company and owns his beautiful farm with Patti, where they hope to expand and even use their own wedding venue as a space for other couples to create their wedding magic.


    Originally a Bellevue business woman, Patti has now traded her lavish lifestyle for cowboy boots and her cozy above barn apartment with her hubby John, and loves adding her feminine touch to their Bellingham farm.


    At first glace, these two are total opposites! Patti is a city girl, cruising along the swanky Bellevue streets, while John is country boy, happiest in his cowboy hat and boots.

    Their bond is so strong, and you can tell each one makes the other even more incredible.


    Their entire wedding venue was done by them! The barn was in no shape to host guests, never mind a wedding. Patti and John began about a year in advance and created their perfect vision in real life.

    Wedding Venue This was a Do-It-Yourself
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