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    Lauren & Adam Luxurious Wedding with Personal Flair

    February 21, 2015 at Magnolia Building

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    This wedding really has it all, and I am still trying to get my thoughts together after being altogether dazzled. Lauren & Adam really know how to put together a remarkable event, and the gorgeous Florida landscape provided a perfect setting for their dream day. The outdoor ceremony was absolutely beautiful, and while details such as the the string ensemble that provided the music and the lush, generous sprays of flowers that adorned the wedding arch were captivating and delightful, nothing could compare to the loveliness of the bride, who wore an expression of absolute bliss to complement her stunning lace gown. The reception at the Magnolia Building was elegant, luxurious, and full of personal flair. The tablescapes were jaw-droppingly splendid, and I love how the bride and groom paid homage to three states that had been important to them in lieu of a traditional guestbook. We can thank Jordan Weiland Photography for capturing this wonderful day, and you will want to after looking through this fantastic album! For more about the love story that led up to this joyous occasion, keep reading below.

    From the photographer...

    Lauren wore a beautiful lace Watters Too dress from Cici’s Boutique, while Adam wore a classic suit. Their story: They met at NYU law school. She’s from Florida. He’s from L.A. After law school, they moved to California and started working for the same law firm in Los Angeles. When I asked them about working together they said they really enjoy it. Because of the long hours they put in, it’s nice to have breaks together and see each other for little bits throughout the day. They got married in Lakeland, Lauren’s hometown, and had a beautiful blended Christian and Jewish ceremony. The light set as they said their vows overlooking Lake Mirror and everyone had a blast at their warm and inviting reception at the Magnolia building. The florals were absolutely stunning but two of my other favorite details were the BHLDN chair flags at the head table and the custom M&M’s with Lauren and Adam’s faces on them. (They took a photo of each of them when they were younger and put them together. Lauren was dressed as a bride, so it looks like a wedding portrait of them at 8 years old!)

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