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    Lyndsay & Dale Pastel-Toned Waterfront Celebration

    October 26, 2014 at Private Residence

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    Lyndsay & Dale couldn't have dreamed up a more romantic and swoon-worthy way to tie the knot than this. With a stunning waterfront ceremony, these lovebirds loaded their wedding with all sorts of prettiness to gawk at all afternoon long. My favorite? I am all over the bride's gorgeous gown. It's easy, yet entirely elegant, making it the perfect choice for this beautiful day. Once again, Andi Diamond Photography's images here are flawless and I'm pretty sure you'll agree. Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.! Xoxo.

    From the stunning bride....

    Dale & I were best friends for years and went through the ups and downs and changes of our mid- to late-20s together. There was nothing we couldn’t and didn’t talk about which turned into an amazingly honest, funny, and close relationship when we started dating in our early 30s. Our first kiss was after a stressful event I was producing out of town that he just happened to be the only one of my friends that traveled to attend. We knew from there that we were always going to be together.

    We dated for about two years and have always known everything about each other’s lives, but he still surprised me with the proposal. He told me that we were going to a charity gala at MOSI that one of his regulars at his restaurant (City Fish) was hosting, so we dressed for the occasion that evening. I was very reluctant to go in when we arrived and not many cars were around because I thought we were late, or in the wrong place. We walked in together, and he said that he forgot the silent auction certificates in the car. A couple minutes later, an employee of MOSI came and found me and said that he had run into the host in the parking lot and already went into the event, and she was sent to find me. I was a little miffed about that, but went with her anyway as she led me to the planetarium. When I opened the door there was beautiful live music playing and a red ribbon leading into the room with notes lined every few steps of the way. The notes were a timeline of our friendship and relationship with dates & locations of fun and significant happenings throughout our friendship and relationship and how he felt at the time. The last note was that days date, at MOSI, and said the day you made me the happiest man alive (tear). I then walked in the room and he told me he had the stars set at the date and location of the first time we kissed and wanted to ask me to marry him under them. I said yes! And the band started playing our favorite song and one of my event photographers appeared who took pictures of the whole thing. We then sat down at a small table filled with flowers and champagne and watched a slideshow on the planetarium that he had made of all the places we had been and good times we had throughout knowing each other.

    Our wedding day was absolutely beautiful. We were planning on eloping, but about two weeks before decided we should get married in Florida first, which turned into us wanting our families there, which turned into inviting friends and the wedding got larger and larger. Our mutual best friend Craig has a beautiful property on the water in Tampa, and we worked very hard to transform the backyard into a fantastic event venue. We expanded the inlet dock to go an additional 40 feet into the water so we could get married at sunset in our own unique, private area and have enough room for all of our guests. We created a reception from there to be exactly what we both wanted for our wedding. My favorite moment was the ceremony on the water. The view was so amazing, and since we planned the wedding so quickly, it was my first moment to take a breath and realize how beautiful everything was and how happy and lucky we both felt at that moment.

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