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    Missy & Cristian Opulent Pink & Gold Soirée in Tampa

    October 25, 2014 at Bayanihan Arts Center

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    This sparkling, ultra-luxe wedding at the Bayanihan Arts Center will leave you absolutely breathless! Missy & Cristian's glamorous soirée literally glittered, with shimmering details in the bride's gorgeous gown, her adorable shoes, the rings, the chandeliers, and even the table linens. The color scheme of soft pink and rich gold kept this spectacular event beautifully tasteful. Even with all this opulence, the event still felt intimate and personal, with sentimental touches like the framed family pictures that served as part of the reception decor. We have Kristen Marie Photography LLC to thank for documenting this stunning occasion, and her photos are an absolute delight. Congratulations, Missy & Cristian!

    Bayanihan Arts Center in Tampa Bay
    Wedding Venue Bayanihan Arts Center
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