Kaitlyn Ferris Photography in Hamptons & North Fork

    Most days are you can find me sitting at my desk filled with succulents editing and getting the most work done when I’m sitting indian style. I’m a HUGE lover of a little things in life and an even bigger lover of my job (I know, you don’t hear that often, it even felt weird to type it- but it’s true!) I am a photographer who pours herself into every bit of her work, specializing in capturing couples who are head over heels for each other. I’m also a leap year baby (yes- I only get one “real” birthday every four years) and despite hating the attention I received for it in science class growing up, I think it’s the neatest thing ever now. I spent this past leap year on a road trip through Ireland with a sweet guy in my life, Kevin! I make way too many references during all of my meetings and shoots back to him and all of our tripod photo sessions I coordinate (poor guy, he’s the best.) I love hand written things and pretending I know what I’m doing with calligraphy (all my clients and future clients: get ready for a million hand written notes!) painting, yoga, my jeep, mountain biking (and attempting horribly to keep up to Kevin in trails) and am obsessed with golden hour.

    My photography style is organic, raw and full of light. My shoots are laid back and always filled with a ton of laughter. It’s important for me to make you feel at ease as I know how uncomfortable being in front of the camera can be. I make it simple for you and promise to guide you so that the posed photos are actually candid, to make sure you are on your “best” side, to tell you what to do with your hands and to capture your true essence.

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