Nina & Chad Romantic Vineyard Hamptons Wedding

    September 27, 2015 at Corey Creek

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    Why This Wedding Made the Honor Roll

    The Straight A’s

    • Corgi-print pocket square? Hell yes.
    • Bouquets that look like they were gathered from a nearby wildflower field make my summer-lovin' heart leap.
    • Can it rain flower petals all the time? That send-off is just too pretty.
    • This reception appeals to my unabashed girly girl side like nobody's business. C'mon, admit that you love the pink glasseware, gold embossed table numbers, and those vases upon vases filled with feminine fleurs, too.
    • A subtle ombré cake topped with dahlias and eucalyptus = yes (and yum).

    The Extra Credit

    • That momma-daughter walk down the aisle. Because moms are the best. Because girl power. Because cute.

    — Audra

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