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Preston Foreman aka DJ Wreckrd

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With over 5 Years of TV and Mixshow Radio Experience, 19 years in Nightclubs, over 13 years in Special Events and Award Shows and more than 20 years of professional experience as a DJ and Emcee. Preston brings not only his musical talents, but his over all experience with events, film, crowd motivation and reading a crowd.

Preston Foreman aka DJ Wreckrd is a DJ that captivates his crowds by throwing many genres of music into one melting pot, with no frills and no loss of thrills; he can hype up a crowd by utilizing his seemingly never ending library of beats and remixes. His extensive library consists of a wide range of tracks, from Hip Hop, Old School, House, Electro, Reggae, R&B, Funk and Rock, along side the hottest in dance remixes.

If being a musical party rocker wasn’t enough. Preston keeps the crowd feeling satisfied and wanting more without the CHEESE Factor that many DJ’s or Emcees embrace. Performances are always impressive with his ability to sample, loop, and fuse segments from multiple songs at once. his keen ear for music, paired with the ability to drop rocking beats that keep the dance floors packed night after night!


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