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Thom Sandrock has been playing the guitar since he was sixteen years old and has been involved in music since the age of seven when he took on the violin in elementary school. Having a natural affinity towards music, Thom took on several other instruments including voice, piano, harmonica, drums, and more. His passion for music has led him on a relentless journey to spread music and music education. Thom feels that music is a necessary element in everyone's life: one that deepens the soul and promotes overall well being.

Graduating first in his class (summa cum laude) with a bachelor of science in music from the University of Colorado at Denver, Thom has become an active player in the Denver and Boulder area performing all over the front range in numerous band and solo configurations. Before attending college he was a member of several bands, starting as early as the eighth grade. From there he wrote and recorded music, developing his own unique style through several regionally and nationally performing acts and solo settings. With over 20 years of performance experience, Thom now wishes to play and teach what he has learned in order to enrich other’s lives through performance and education.

As an educator, Thom teaches his students out of his home studio in Boulder, CO. His approach to teaching is to let the student define what they wish to accomplish, then design a program to help them achieve those goals. His students find themselves progressing rapidly through his sound knowledge of music theory and teaching devices. He views musical education as a development of the mind that promotes creativity, computation, coordination, as well as overall physical and mental well being. Whatever the student wishes to accomplish in music, the gift that music gives back is invaluable.


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