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Diane's Formal Affair is your one-stop bridal shop for everything wedding. We offer a great selection for every budget and every member of the bridal party! Along with our nearly 700 bridal gowns, we have hundreds of mother, bridesmaid, and flower girl dresses. We also offer tuxedo rentals.

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April 18, 2017 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Diane's customer service was fantastic! After picking up my gown, I took it to an alterations business outside of their in-house seamstress. My dress was destroyed. Diane's went above and beyond, in a very short time frame, to have another dress made in time to arrive and be altered by their seamstress in plenty of time for our wedding day. "

October 27, 2016 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Great selection of dresses in varying prices. The staff was very friendly and encouraging, and they have on - site alterations that was very affordable. They have tons of different style wedding dresses to try on, as well as bridesmaids dress and mother of the bride/groom dresses. "

September 11, 2016 | This is a verified review

"They have a ton of dresses, really just rooms and rooms of them. My consultant was wonderful, but Diane herself wasn't my favorite. I bought a sample dress but wasn't given any discount (despite asking) and by the time you've spent hours trying on dresses, I was willing to pay it. Looking back, I wish I hadn't. So be on your A-game when you go!"

June 21, 2016 | This is a verified review

"I found my dream dress there, which is wonderful, but I have several complaints. My bridal consultant was wonderful! She was able to understand what I was looking for and I actually picked the third dress I tried on! I wanted to be sure so I tried on many more and she was happy to help me. I had to order a dress in a much larger size. Having worked at a bridal shop in college, I knew that some of the dresses were in European sizes so I was not that concerned about ordering a dress three sizes bigger than what I wear. It came in before the suggested period of time, which was great, but it was way too big when I but it on. Although I had not lost a pound, it just hung off of me. This is were it gets bad. I had my alterations done there. The lady altering my dress was nice and said she had been doing this for over 25 years, so we trusted her. After a very long time pinning the dress so it could touch my waist, she told me I would not be able to get it as fitted as I would like. That if I got the silhouette that I wanted it would wrinkle the fabric! Someone should have told me this before I bought it first of all and secondly, all the pictures of the exact same dress I saw online were perfectly altered and smooth. After we had all the pins in the right place, as my mom was taking me out of the dress she starts rattling off the prices of each alteration. It was almost $500!! We left very unhappy about the price, but believed that she would have it just perfect. Not so much. We cam back two weeks later and the dress was wrinkled and too loose (still the same weight). It did not even touch the bottom of my back (it was a fit and flare style dress). She said that my waist was too small and my hips were to round for the fabric to lay correctly and that I had a sway back so it would not be fitted to it (my back curves in and then my butt sticks out). I could not believe that she said that! She also said, "It is not going to be perfect, this is as good as it is going to get". I was tearing up in my wedding dress at the sound of that! She went back and tried to fix it many times and my mom and I decided to just pay her and try to have my grandmother's seamstress fix it. She only took cash. That is so sketchy! We found out later that she is Diane's (the owners) relative. Makes sense now. We paid the money and left. Long story short, I went to two other seamstresses and they could not figure out what in the world she did to the dress. We had to pay a seamstress to take it apart and fix it the best she could. She worked on it for three days (4 days before the wedding!!) Praise the Lord she was able to fix it and it fit me perfectly! She felt so sorry for my mom and I that she did not charge us near what she could have. This lady was an angel! SO after my sad story, I would NOT recommend Diane's Formals. Would not! You can go to many other bridal shops that carry the same designers and styles. "

November 10, 2015 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"I went to Diane's at the recommendation of a few friends and I am glad I did! The selection was great and I had the most wonderful experience! Because Diane's is popular, you must have an appointment and we had to wait a while, but once we were called back I had the full attention and dedication of a personal shopper. She got to know my style and preferences quickly and helped me choose the perfect gown!"

September 30, 2015 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"I have done business with Diane's since I was in high school doing pageants and as always they were great! My dress consultant stayed in touch with me and was always quick to answer my emails in checking in on my dress. Couldn't have found a more perfect dress. "

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