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Be it simple and elegant or lavish and grand, no other dessert compares in stature to an exquisite wedding cake. Creating memorable masterpieces, ones that taste every bit as good as they look, has become our most cherished trademark.

My favorite wedding cakes are those that reflect a subtle sophistication; where whimsy, artistry or drama is achieved with precision and restraint. Cakes whose flawless exterior is surpassed only by a superb interior…those comprised of exquisite American, French, and Belgian chocolates, artisanal butter, hormone-free milk and cream straight from the dairy, and organic fruit at the height of its season. First and foremost, the ultimate wedding cake must be an extraordinary dessert. This means no mixes, nothing artificial, absolutely no compromise.

Imagine a moist, intensely chocolate cake alternately layered with house-made fleur de sel caramel and luscious chocolate truffle cream. Or, perhaps, an old-fashioned layer cake infused with refreshingly tangy organic lemons and studded with plump berries picked that morning. Imagine your cake is not a replica from the pages of trendy wedding magazines, but rather a glorious work of edible art designed especially for your day, reflecting your taste and style.

Whether it is light and fruity, sentimentally vintage, or seriously chocolate (and I mean serious!), we are committed to designing the wedding cake of your dreams. One that will highlight the reception, be devoured in its entirety, give 'em something to talk about. After all, your special day deserves a Perfect Ending!

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To us, your cake should be much more than something beautiful to behold; it must also be an extraordinary dessert... one that rivals those served in a Michelin Star restaurant. A tasting at Perfect Endings is comprised of multiple cakes that will vary in flavor and texture, from intensely chocolate to dense and homey to light and fruity. Because we have a hard time deciding, we change them from time to time depending on what excites us at on any given day. Some of our favorites are…

Serious Chocolate For those people who feel it just isn't dessert unless it's chocolate!

  • Chocolate Candybar Cake: Layers of house-made caramel, toasted pecans and bittersweet chocolate...the cake that put us on the map!
  • Devil’s Food Cake: No frills, no fuss...the iconic American chocolate layer cake...get milk!
  • Mahogany: Tender layers of chocolate cake filled with luscious chocolate hazelnut truffle cream.
  • Vintage Cakes: Traditional layer cakes like 'mama' used to bake!
  • Coconut Layer Cake: The Southern classic features layers of butter cake fragrant with coconut and Tahitian vanilla.
  • Pound Cake: Buttermilk pound cake filled with our own crushed raspberry preserves and luscious vanilla buttercream.
  • Red Velvet Cake: The legendary Southern favorite features scarlet red cake layers and creamy vanilla frosting.

On the lighter side Nice and light… and worth a second slice! + Enlightened Chocolate Cake: Multiple layers of glorious chocolate (for those who prefer it slightly less serious). + Lemon Framboise: Delicate sponge cake filled with a refreshingly tangy organic lemon mousse and organic raspberries. + Summer Joy: A mélange of seasonal berries, delicate genoise and ethereal vanilla bean Bavarian cream.

Our wedding cakes are priced from $8 per serving. There is a $250 minimum for wedding cakes. The final price of your cake is determined by the design, the number of servings, and the delivery/set-up requirements. Other factors that impact the final cost include intricate design details and special equipment. We will provide you with a written estimate once your cake design is confirmed.

It has been our privilege to successfully deliver our wedding cakes locally and across the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia. The fees for delivery are determined by distance, method of transport, carrier, handling, and set-up requirements.

We invite you to a complimentary consultation where you will sample a variety of cakes and view our portfolio. Our goal is to plan your cake entirely when we are with you, so we advise you to bring in any material or images that will help us understand your vision.


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April 13, 2017 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Perfect Endings is by far the best cake shop around. There is no comparison between them and other cake shops I tasted at. The tasting experience in Napa was one of the most fond memories I have of my wedding planning. The staff is amazing to work with but aside from that, the cake is OUT OF THIS WORLD tasty and their designs are incredible! I am not a sweets person and was going to let me husband decide on the cake but once I had my tasting I knew I had to have Perfect Endings make my wedding cake. It was so beautiful and tasty! They also did my husbands groom cake for our rehearsal dinner and it was phenomenal!! I hope to order another cake from them soon! YUM! "

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