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Welcome and congratulations on your engagement! You are about to embark on planning the most meaningful and creative part of your celebration - your wedding ceremony.

Reverend Peadar Dalton, ordained minister, officiates weddings in the beautiful Sonoma and Napa Wine Country, Marin-San Francisco Bay Area, as well as special requests across the United States and Ireland.

Born and raised in the West of Ireland, a country rich in family traditions and celebrations, Rev. Peadar strongly believes in the importance of a joyful community celebrating and witnessing your ceremony.

Rev. Peadar receives requests from couples of all faith traditions, many with Catholic background, and officiates numerous wedding ceremonies for couples with no particular religious or faith background. Frequently, couples share with Peadar, “we are spiritual but not religious.” Rev. Peadar enjoys guiding each couple with the opportunity to blend their own spiritual beliefs, culture and family traditions as an expression of respect and love for each other and honoring family and friends.

Rev. Peadar is a gifted public speaker often in demand for poetry readings on local radio stations, workshops on specific topics on spirituality, marriage, health, and well being and end of life stages.

He is well known and respected for his inspirational style and presence he brings to a ceremony. Each ceremony will have meaning, imagination and sacredness.

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Best Local Celebrant for a Wedding

Best Local Celebrant for a Wedding


In addition to being an ordained Minister, Reverend Dalton is a licensed clinical family therapist. He facilitates couple workshops focusing on marriage preparation and marriage ‘tune-up’ sessions. Reverend Dalton offers a two-session counseling model that will help support the couple to stay connected in t his exciting but often stressful time planning a wedding.

Rev Dalton’s comfortable and confident style allows couples to discuss a range of areas that may relate to their upcoming wedding day and going forward as they develop a married life together. Questions and issues that can be covered may include: + Family dynamics, challenges, and setting healthy boundaries with each other and blending families. + How to maintain friendship as the cornerstone in your marriage and keep your relationship alive! + Communication skills and choosing words that will lead to greater acceptance of character differences, point of views, and expressing feelings and not thoughts. + How to sustain the joy from your wedding day and keep your marriage and love growing.

Prior to your initial marriage preparation session, Rev. Dalton asks that you take some time together and consider the following questions and contribute your own thoughts and concerns:

  • What qualities of relationship, from your experiences with your respective families of origin, do you like and dislike and how are they impacting positively or negatively your personal relationship?
  • How are ordinary disagreements and conflicts resolved and accepted? Does the process of resolving the disputes contribute to closeness or separateness in your relationship?
  • How comfortable are you with touch and affection, and the expression of compliments in your every day relationship?
  • Are you each holding on to your sense of your independent self while at the same time being able to compromise and grow through merging your lives together?

Cost: $135.00 per 90-minute session or two 90-minute sessions for $240.00

Nothing pleases Rev. Dalton more than witnessing the gifts of your marriage through the sacred union and birthing a child. Although Rev. Dalton does not conduct formal baptismal ceremonies, he develops with you a ceremony that will welcome your child to the world and make it a special day for your family and friends to bless your child.

These services can be quite simple with just the couple or an intimate family gathering. Couples again can work with Reverend Dalton and Your Ceremony Matters to create an imaginative ceremony whether it is for renewing your vows, significant birthday, retirement, milestone achievement or dedication.

As part of Rev. Dalton's formal experience and ministerial training – nothing is more sacred to him then how we say goodbye to a loved one. He is sought after on a regular basis to preside over remembrance ceremonies, whether at a funeral home, community center, graveside service, or family gathering. He frequently speaks at local churches, senior centers and open forums on dealing with grief and loss of a loved one.


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Reviews (4)

July 29, 2016 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Pader made the ceremony even more special through his story-telling, words of advice, involving the guests and especially family and more. Getting married across the country and only meeting Pader a handful of times he still made the ceremony intimate."

June 28, 2016 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Feels like he's part of the family. Great relationship with GOD. Tries to understand your relationship with GOD as a couple and is NOT too pushy or forceful in his own beliefs. His wife seems to be a sweetheart. You will LOVE this man! He knew we were crafting our vows up until the day of and didn't give us any grief. Just kept suggestion we get them printed out on nice - forever paper. Thankfully, even though we didn't for a special day, we still have the vows and can always print them off and frame them. - a very cool anniversary idea!"

March 15, 2015 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Peadar Dalton is one of the most amazing persons that I have met. All the love and effort that he puts on the ceremony bring all the feeling of the unforgettable time of your life that you expect to have."

August 28, 2014 | This is a verified review

"Peadar worked with my husband and I to blend our Christian and Jewish upbrinings with a more modern twist. All the grandparents and parents were happy, and my husband and I were thrilled to have a ceremony that was so uniquely "US." I definitely recommend. The accent helps to. He is a dream to listen to and weaves the whole ceremony together. "

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