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    After your wedding day, you will likely realize that so much of what happened does not feel real because it all went by so quickly.

    You can try to prepare yourself to take everything in, but nothing enables you to remember every emotion or moment of joy that you and your spouse will experience on the day you say, “I do.” A common regret many brides have after their wedding is not budgeting for and hiring a videographer. That’s where we come in.

    What Crooked Tree does is so complex, but for you it’s simple. Our top priority is to “be there.” Being present at every special moment throughout the day allows us to provide you with the best footage imaginable. We won’t miss a thing; you will be able to relive your special day in style whenever you like.

    Our other focus is memories. A memory is the most powerful, obsolete thing that holds so much value. But you can’t touch or see a memory. You feel memories. Hiring Crooked Tree Productions will ensure you can revisit your wedding day time and time again. It will bring back everything you felt: nervous trembles, the intense rush of ease when you were finally able to hold your spouse, and that first kiss.

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