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Tangerine Room Events is a combination of passions for Owner + Creative Director, Jessie Capstick. Her love of creating beautiful things + sharing in celebration of life’s milestones, is where this story begins. Detail oriented + a perfectionist in all things, before getting married herself, Jessie was easily lost in the “little things”.

And while a knack for detail is still one of her strong suites, the most level headed, strong, silly man helped to set her straight. Through her own love story, Jessie learned about the beauty of focusing on the big picture. Jessie brings this perspective to each of Tangerine Room's weddings + events, highlighting impeccable design to create a celebration that places emphasis on the lifetime of joy after.

​Tangerine Room Events loves to throw a party for just about any occasion, and we love to do it right. We are passionate about designing + producing events that are truly one of a kind + are excited about curating experiences that perfectly represent our clients' stories. Jessie's fun loving spirit, keen design eye + amazing knack for detail are what makes her the Tangerine Room Events mastermind + she's lucky to have a team of other creative + logistical geniuses on her side.


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